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Benefits of Using WordPress for Blogging

Benefits of Using WordPress for Blogging          Benefits of Using WordPress for Blogging

When you have a website or blog, the platform that you use can have a serious impact on your online business. Personally, I prefer to use WordPress for my websites because of the many benefits of using WordPress for blogging.

WordPress is extremely popular and the most widely used CMS (Content Management System). According to W3Techs, WordPress is used by over 31.7% of the world for their websites. If you think about it that is a lot of websites. Now let’s get into the reasons why WordPress is so popular.

Extremely User-Friendly

WordPress has an admin area that is very easy to navigate through, therefore making it very easy to use. Gone are the days of needing a web designer or experience with a CMS to create or make changes to your website. All of this can be done on your own from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Check out the screenshot of the admin area below. All operations are easily identifiable. There is also a helpful tool if you need additional assistance.

WordPress Admin Panel

Quick and Easy Installation

Setting up your WordPress website or domain has never been easier. Your website will be complete in minutes, not hours, weeks, or months like it used to be. I started my WordPress website through my Wealthy Affiliate membership and I have to say it was one of the easiest things I have ever done. It took me less than 3 minutes. Check out this video that walks you through the simple steps of building a WordPress website with WordPress.

Build a WordPress website with Wealthy Affiliate

Thousands of Beautiful Website Designs

WordPress has the largest list of themes available for you to design your websites with. There are thousands of website designs from you to choose from to beautify your website or domains with. Themes sometimes come with different features and options such as additional footers, additional sidebars, and widgets. These features will differ from one theme to the next.

Thousands of Plugins

One of my favorite features of having a WordPress website is the ability to download any plugin of my choosing. I believe all plugins are compatible with WordPress sites, evenWordPress Plugins made for them. Plugins give your website more functionality, features, and options. If your website does not come equipped with a specific function you can usually download a plugin to add it. I have a list of some of the best plugins for WordPress sites that you may want to try.

Optimized for Mobile

WordPress websites are responsive which means that they are optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It is crucial is 2018 for your websites and domains to operate well on mobile devices as there are more people than ever using mobile devices now. You will lose customers and website visitors if your site takes a long time to load on these mobile devices. People hate to wait for websites to load. They will leave your site in a hot minute if your website does not load within a couple of seconds.

Websites for Every Occasions

WordPress provides you with the ability to set up different types of websites depending on what your exact needs. Just to name a few, with WordPress you can set up:

  • Blog
  • Ecommerce website
  • Business website
  • Q & A website
  • Business websites
  • Wiki websites

There are many other different types of websites that you can create with WordPress. The choice is yours.

Desktop and Mobile App Site Access

One of the most convenient features of having a WordPress website is the ability to access your website’s admin area from an application. Of course, you can access your admin back office of your site from your desktop. You can also do this from your mobile device through the app. This gives you the ability to update your site from anywhere, anytime from an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux systems platforms.

Own Your Content

With WordPress when you publish your articles on your site your content belongs to you. You never have to worry about losing your content to anyone. If you ever decide to move your content elsewhere, everything goes with you. Believe it or not, all blogging platforms do not allow you to do this.

My Final Thoughts                                                                                                                                                              Strategic Marketing Affiliates Final Thoughts

In my opinion, WordPress is the best platform for your websites, domains, and blogging.  I have reviewed just a few benefits of using WordPress for blogging, however, there are many, many more. If you have any that you would like to add please do so below. If you have any questions or comments drop those below also.

2 thoughts to “Benefits of Using WordPress for Blogging”

  1. Hi Shwana, I agree with your great post about WordPress being the best platform for blogging. Something which I still have to look into is Gutenburg upgrade. I have heard it is not fully developed yet. Alan

    1. Hello again, Alan. Glad you enjoyed the post. I have not migrated to Gutenburg either. I always like to wait until a use new software until all the bugs or issues have been worked out. Thanks for visiting!

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