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How to Become an Amazon Associate

How Do I Become an Amazon Affiliate?

 How Do I Become an Amazon Affiliate?

When you are just starting out with your online business it can be a bit difficult. There are many things that you need to put into place to make sure that you can build a following and monetize your website. When I first started my website my burning question was, “How do I become an Amazon Affiliate?” The answer to this question is very simple, especially because I am going to walk you through it.

Amazon is an internationally trusted brand, so that makes it that much easier to start making money from their products. Amazon is the most successful and popular affiliate program around. You will need to bring your own platform in the form of a website to the table to advertise Amazon products on. Below I have outlined how you can easily become an Amazon Associate.

Choose Your Niche

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Before you build your Amazon affiliate website or store you need to decide what audience you are trying to target. What products, categories, or services will you be promoting with your website?

You want to be sure that you pick a niche that is profitable. It is crucial that you do some research on the products that you are planning on selling. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing selecting your niche. Keep in mind that your niche is the focus of your audience.

Create a Website or Blog

Your next step in becoming an Amazon associate is to create your website. This will be the platform where you will be placing your affiliate links and promoting your products.

There are different platforms that you can use for your website, some are more popular than others. WordPress is the most popular and widely used website builder in the world. However, this is not the reason why I use and love it.

I chose WordPress for my websites because of the flexibility, ease of use, and many functionalities. I used SiteRubix web builder to create my WordPress websites as this is an awesome website builder.

Regardless of which website builder you choose just get it done. If you are confused as to which website builder to use, do some research.

Go to

Now that you have a website you will need to sign up and get your associate privileges so that you can access all the Amazon products and affiliate links.

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Make Money with Us heading select Become an Affiliate.

Amazon Associate Home Page

This will take you to another page where you can select either Join, Advertise, or Earn. Since you are starting an affiliate or associate account you will select Join.

Amazon Associate Join Page

The following screen will ask for you to enter your login information if you already have an Amazon account. If you choose to use your existing Amazon account, enter your email address and password and click Sign In.

If you don’t already have an Amazon account or you would prefer to create a separate account for your business, you can create a new one. If you select this option, you will need to create a new account by completing the necessary fields:

  • name
  • email address
  • create password
  • re-enter password

Then you will click on the Create Your Amazon Account button which takes you to the next step.

Amazon Associate Sign In


On the following screens, you will be entering and verifying the remaining information needed to set up your Amazon Associate account. You will be verifying:

  • account information
  • websites and mobile apps
  • profile
  • identity

On the account information screen, you will enter your demographic information like your address, name, and email address. If you already have an existing Amazon account, you will be verifying your existing information. Then hit the next button.

Amazon Associate Account Information


This will take you to the website and mobile app list page where you will list your websites and/or mobile apps that you want to be included in the program. To continue to the next step hit the next button.

Amazon Associate Website Info

The following step will take you to the profile page where you will be completing your website, mobile app, and associated profile which includes your associate ID. You will also be selecting the kinds of items you will be selling and answering questions about how you monetize and drive traffic to your site(s).

Amazon Associate4

The last step to becoming an Amazon associate will be identity verification. After you complete this page successfully you can start generating links for your products and making money.

This process is pretty straightforward and if you get stuck during any step you can reach out to Amazon for assistance. The Amazon affiliate program has thousands of products for your to promote for almost any niche.

My Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my article, “How Do I Become an Amazon Affiliate?” The process of setting up your Amazon affiliate account is easy enough. From here on out it is going to be a lot of hard work, your money will not come easy. I have to say the only negative would be that Amazon commissions can be on the lower end depending which products that you are promoting.

You can rise above this by selling many products or you can focus on products that are paying higher commissions. There should be some of these products that pay high commissions within your niche. I mean Amazon has hundreds of thousands of products and you can promote and sell them all.

2 thoughts to “How Do I Become an Amazon Affiliate?”

  1. Great walk through on signing up as an Amazon affiliate. Looks a lot easier now than I thought it would be. I heard that Amazon has a lot of rules and restrictions. Like having to state on your site you’re an affiliate and meeting a certain dollar amount to qualify. Is this true? And are there any other fees involved by being an Affiliate there? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hello Christina. Glad you liked the how-to post on how to sign up as an Amazon affiliate. It is a really simple process. Amazon does have its share of rules. You do have to have an affiliate disclosure on your website, but that is no different than being an affiliate for any other company. They all want you to disclose that you may receive compensation for promoting their products and services.
      As far as having to meet a certain dollar amount to qualify, I have never had that issue. You do have to make a sale within the first 180 days of becoming an Amazon affiliate. There are also fees that are charged when you make a sale. The amount is determined by the price of the item that you sell. If you have any other questions please let me know. I am always glad to help!

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