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How to Get People to Stay on Your Website Longer                               

How to Get People to Stay on Your Website Longer

How to Get People to Stay on Your Website Longer                               Managing your blogs bounce rate

You have worked harder on building your website than you have on anything else right? So why is it that your visitors are spending very little time on your website?

It is very disappointing and possibly leaves you feeling like all your time and hard work was a waste. I have been there, and I know it doesn’t feel good.

When you go to your Google Analytics you can see your bounce rates are at a very high percentage and on the rise. If they are over 60% bounce rate and the average time on your site is less than 1 minute; you need to seriously consider making some changes.

I want you to learn from my mistakes. So, how to get people to stay on your website longer? Check out the list below so you can start getting your visitors to stick around longer ASAP.

Make Content More Readable

Have you ever been to a site and there are large paragraphs that make the content hard to read? Well, I leave these sites immediately. Don’t make the same mistake.

Break up your content into small, easy to read paragraphs; its easier to keep your reader’s attention that way.

Add Multimedia                                                                                                                                         multimedia

Experiment with videos or audio on your website. It is much easier to listen to a long article than to read, say, 1000 words.

Try using slideshow presentations, embedded videos clips, and image galleries. Make sure you try different combinations to see what works best.

Ask Visitors to Take Action

If you want your readers to remain on your site longer ask them for a specific action such as; leaving a comment below, check out another section or feature on your site.

Add Internal Links                                                                                                                        internal link vs external link descriptions

Since keeping your visitors on your website is the goal, linking related pages or other pages of interest is a must. If your visitors are getting all the information that they need from your site on different pages there will more time spent on your site.

Install a Related Posts Plugin

Consider installing a related posts plugin such as Contextual Related Posts or WordPress Related Posts. These plugins will attach a lineup of related articles to the end of your posts.

After installing the plugin, change the default settings and experiment with them to see what works best for your site.

This is a great feature as it makes your readers aware of other posts that are similar, possibly on a topic that will benefit them.

Put Your Best Content Above the Fold                                                                                                  

Be sure that your best, attention-getting content is above the fold of your site. Above the fold is the part of the screen that you see without having to scroll down.

Most visitors decide if they are going to stay on the website with the information that they see that is immediately visible upon entering your site.

Be sure you give your readers a reason to stay!

Incorporate Easy Navigation

Make sure that your website visitors can navigate around your site easily. This is very important. Nothing will make your visitors leave faster than not being able to find what they are looking for.

Be sure that your articles are easy to follow and have a nice flow. Make sure that there are no broken links and that your site has a clean, uncluttered look and feel.


So, there is my list. In short, if you create engaging content mixed with multimedia your site will grab the attention of your audience and they willwebsite visitors have a better experience.

If you make it easy for people to find what they are looking for their experience on your site will be a good one devoid of any frustration.

Let me know what you think. Do you agree that the above things will get people to stay on your website longer? If not, what are your thoughts on how to get people to stay on your website longer?

If you have any thoughts that you would like to share, or any questions feel free to leave them below.

4 thoughts to “How to Get People to Stay on Your Website Longer”

  1. Hallo there,

    Thanks a lot for the information you have shared here. I have been running a site that has been getting a bounce rate of 60% and I have been trying to figure out what the problem was but couldn’t quite get to it.

    Now that I’ve read this post, I’ve realized I need to become more practical with the site and get people to take action on my website.

    Thanks a lot. I’m going to put this advice into immediate use.

    1. Hello again Dave!

      Your welcome. I am glad that you enjoyed the article.

      Getting people to visit with us longer on our sites is extremely important. Plus it lets us know that they are enjoying our content. Try out some of the strategies that I have listed and let me know what kind of impact you have on your site.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Thanks a lot for the post!

    You add a lot of value and highlight several good points when considering website’s bounce rate. This is always something I’ve struggled to keep down and I’ll definitely try and implement some of these tips.

    I’ve often thought at times that maybe for certain pages a high bounce rate isn’t a bad thing if they are clicking onto affiliate links. What do you think ?

    1. Hello Stephen, I am glad that my post was helpful to you. I think it is the goal of all online marketers to keep the bounce rate down. A high bounce rate is said to be a strong indication that your visitors are not engaging with your page and content.

      That being said, I believe that there is a happy medium. If you are getting clicks and people are actually purchasing from your affiliate links then I would say that you should not worry too much. Of course, do try to create content that engages your visitors.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Wishing you the best success in your business. If you do have any further questions please feel free to ask.

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