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Making Money on YouTube

Making Money with YouTube

Making Money with YouTube

When you have an online business there are many ways to make money. You can create and sell your own products, sell products on an e-commerce website, or learn how to become an affiliate marketer. These are just a few ways to earn a living online. You will need to build your own website for these options and that can be done very easily.  One strategy that cannot be ignored is making money with Youtube videos. Using videos in your marketing strategy can only do one thing, better your business and increase your presence online.

If your pockets are low on cash, your possibilities are low, and alternatives offline don’t excite you, there’s a means to make cash — as a thriving YouTube video marketer.                                                                                                                                                            Making Money with YouTube

YouTube continues to grow, and more individuals than ever are making an awesome living from this medium. You don’t have to be a professional videographer or a technical guru to do this.

Your video and audio content must target the right audience — a starving community determined to get answers to their problems. You will be able to gain a lot of traffic to your website by using YouTube as a marketing medium. In this article, I’ll show you how to use YouTube to generate cash on demand. I am a firm believer that those inclined to make money on YouTube, can.

A Closer Glimpse into YouTube

Think about it. Do you know of any other online entity having over a billion users? This is the extraordinary reach of YouTube. People worldwide are obsessed with videos for entertainment and information. Believe it or not, there are over 30 million people per day who take time out of their schedule to consume over 5 billion videos.

These statistics are crazy! I have another one for you. Cumulatively, 500 million hours of videos are watched every day!

The standard way that people are watching YouTube is on their desktops, however, mobile video viewing is growing exponentially. Over 50% of videos are viewed on mobile devices with sessions lasting on average 40 minutes.

Ok, so we know that using YouTube for your marketing is the way to go. Without it, you are leaving crazy amounts of traffic and customers on the table. You want to consider of your YouTube channel as your web page, and your video clips as posts and pages. Your focus should be to create a channel that captivates your audience with videos that command attention and provoke action.

As you create and add videos, you are strengthening your channel. Invite people to view your channel and grow your subscribers and build your presence on YouTube. Be sure to optimize each video so that it will rank in the search engines and this will help your channel to rank higher.

Yes, YouTube videos are ranked right along with website posts and articles on Google. And just like your website posts, YouTube videos can rank on the top of the SERPs if they are relevant to your channel’s niche.

The videos you post to YouTube should be interesting, helpful and reinforce your brand authority. Keep in mind that videos that tend to the problems, issues, and concerns of your audience will make you money. Not only that, they will rank high in Google bringing your loads more traffic to your YouTube channel and your website(s).

Create Videos with Intent and Purpose

After clicking on a video, within a couple of minutes I can decide whether I want to continue watching it. I am sure that this holds true for you and many others. It doesn’t take long to determine if the content is of value or sub-par.

There are other videos that grab your attention but are lacking a clear call to action. Or, videos that seem to have no end and you are still waiting for the point. Don’t make these costly mistakes. If you do you will send your viewers directly to your competitors’ video or to complete their research or find their resolution elsewhere.

What you need to do now is set your YouTube marketing goals such as getting a specific number of channel subscribers and likes for your videos.

Since you are the director of your videos, you are responsible for knowing certain things.

  • Know your audience – When you know who you are addressing, it’s so much easier to make high-quality videos that will have an impact on your viewers’ problems, interests, concerns, and passions.

You need to cater to your targeted demographic. This will make it so much easier to be successful. Knowing the “hot buttons” of your viewers is extremely helpful. You want to reach thousands and show them that you can help resolve their problems or help in a way that they are searching for.

  • Educate yourself on key issues while handling competition and traffic – Find your viewers emotional triggers, the reason why and what they are searching for in the first place.

While doing this don’t forget you need traffic in the first place. To do this you need to focus on low-competition search phrases and terms.

Don’t forget to use SEO tools like Jaaxy keyword tool or Google Keyword Planner where you can confirm the traffic and competition on your targeted audiences.

  • Evaluate trends – Free marketing tools, for example to Google Trends, and tools that you must pay for like SEMrush can show you niches that are lucrative and those that are on the rise.
  • Promote first-class products — It is possible to select a red-hot niche or sub-niche and lose out on money if the products that you are promoting are low-quality. When choosing products to promote, be sure that you are choosing products that you yourself would use. Products that your audience is looking for and that would be of great benefit to them.

Be sure that the products you are promoting are ones that you can proudly stand behind or else your reputation will be ruined. Make sure the products you select deliver what is promised.

It is ideal if you use the products that you endorse. What could be more persuasive than your own social proof and testimony? However, if you don’t personally use the product you need to be doing very thorough research.

  • Use a powerful call to action – Viewers can’t guess what it is that you want them to do. In fact, they may even do the opposite of what you want them to do unless you let them know what action you want them to take. Your visitors are not mind readers, so it’s crucial you use a direct call to action (i.e. like, join now, sign up).

A persuasive call to action will produce cash. Make it as simple as possible for viewers to buy. Provide your links directly to the sales page, make this page open in a separate window, and you can give instructions to the exact location of the “buy” button.

The Review, Demonstrate and Educate System to Monetize YouTube

A finished, neatly-written evaluate of a product can easily convert to sales, notably if the review has a high-ranking place on Google and other search engines. However, skepticism might also accompany a written assessment more readily than a video-based review.

Most people are visual. That being said video-based reviews increase the possibility of a buy.

If it’s a physical product, scan over its entirety, from each perspective. If it’s digital, show screenshots to display its features to the audience, while highlighting all benefits. Your viewers will appreciate a walk-through or demo because it will familiarize them with the product. Review options but pay special attention to the benefits. Step-by-step instructions will go a long way.

If you need a little inspiration, look at video channels of successful YouTubers for a bit of help but whatever you may pick up, make it your own. Most importantly, after you have created your video don’t forget to include your video link.

Make Cash Uploading YouTube Video Clips with Celebrity Popularity

After you start being noticed, and this will happen, you will have others that are now aware of your brand. Your growing recognition and unstoppable presence can also even entice affiliate sponsors. You can make unique deals with the movers and shakers of this world, they will reach out to you or you can reach out to them.

You can also make loads of cash promoting others’ items and/or selling your personal merchandise. Google AdSense is another stream of income that you can tap into and permit advertisements to play on your video clips. YouTube did recently change their policy, so this has become a bit more difficult.

Currently, your channel must have 10,000 views plus 1,000 subscribers (and 400 watch hours within the last 12 months) for you to be able to participate in the YouTube Partner Program.

Learn the ABC’s of Earning on YouTube – (Authority Builds Credibility)

If you consistently produce stellar and relevant content, your trustworthiness will skyrocket. As you become an authority in your niche, skepticism will fade, and your authority, unwavering if you continue to supply provide value.

You could create a series of educational videos on any topic. Student enrollment can make lots of money as in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Leverage Your YouTube Popularity and Get Paid to Teach.

Udemy is an option where a student clicks for your link and inspects your path, Udemy then puts a magical HTML cookie on your browser. This tagging cookie will allow Udemy to remarket the course within the Facebook newsfeed should this person not instantly sign up.

You could also showcase your YouTube video clips to your own blog or on a separate domain that features an e-commerce store.

Yondo is a hot spot to sell movies, video consultations, videos, webinars, online courses, and more. You can select your area of interest and then show your playlists and video courses. Yondo’s server, infrastructure, and templates can be used.

There are many options like personalizing your video, add call-to-actions on your video, add overlays, share files and document info, send automated e-mail messages to your customers, and charging a monthly membership subscription, one-time fees, and free giveaways.

The most cost-effective rate for a Yondo account is at present set at $27 per month, paid yearly. Yondos return on investment is high and there are lots of players within this field such as UScreen. For those of you who are not familiar with UScreen, it is a video distribution platform. They have a platform that allows members to collaborate their efforts on the same subscription channel.

Videos that Make Money on YouTube

I am a firm believer that delivering content that resonates with your audience is far more important than the way it is presented. This does not mean that your video delivery does not matter at all. You want to create a video that is pleasing to your viewers.

Choose the type of video and content you’ll create. Listed here are kinds of videos that you can monetize:


These are very popular as they give details and benefits on the product or service. You will need to provide ample discussion about the pros and cons. There is reliable screen capture software that you can use like Screencast-O-Matic.

A popular format for shooting these reviews is when you appear as a “talking head” which is where your face is in the corner of the window. This is nothing more than a “picture within a picture” option. Screencast-O-Matic does have this feature as well as other video editing tools such as Cyberlink PowerDirector.

How-to Videos

People naturally long to figure out problems that have puzzled or confused them. With how-to videos, this is your chance to educate them and in turn, you will be like a savior to them. You will also be considered an authority by providing the answers on how to perform certain tasks.

You can use your smartphone’s camera to show your audience things like how to cook certain meals or use PowerPoint slides to present productivity tips or steps required for specific tasks.

You can also create explainer videos with tools like PowToon or Vyond. These tools can easily capture the attention your more demanding viewers. As a marketer, these types of videos and tools are ones that I would not overlook as they are great for creating videos that keep subscribers and show how to retain YouTube viewers’ interest.

Educational Videos

Besides how-to videos, there are other informative videos that you may present to your audience that convey important facts and information, answer questions, and simplify difficult projects.

Your intention is to offer a rewarding learning experience for your viewers. There are video editing and presentation tools that you can use to create your educational videos such as Focusky and PresenterMedia. Focusky is a HTML5 business presentation and animated video program. PresenterMedia helps you to create 3D animations and clipart and PowerPoint presentations with lots of cool graphics. Another program that you can create awesome videos with is VideoBlocks, there is a huge library filled with action backgrounds and extraordinary video clips.

Best of or Top Seven Type Videos

Whether we are talking about text content or videos, you truly must capture your viewer’s attention rather quickly. A very easy way to do this is by making a top seven or best of list. You can save your audience countless hours of research with this type of content.

You can try out different background music in your videos. There are many different sources where you can get this music including AudioBlocks.

Videos that Trigger Human Emotion

Videos that elicit pleasure or laughter, entertain, motivate and inspire, or pull at heartstrings or cognizance, can elevate your brand.

There are many affiliate marketers who are successful due to creating videos that inspire and give hope to their audience. These videos contain quotes, personal experiences and ways to overcome hardships.

These types of videos should include the marketers face on the screen or talking head throughout the video. This will give your video a more personal touch and inspire more trust.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Ways to Monetize YouTube

I’ve covered many ways on how to make cash on YouTube. I have also listed the types of videos that you can create to do so along with a few resources that you can use to make your videos.

The goal is to get your coin! Focus on building your YouTube channel with captivating and relevant information and build a following with loyal subscribers. Selling your own products is a way that you can boost your earnings. This way you don’t have to depend on getting a cut of commissions. Please don’t think that creating your own products is past the scope of your capabilities. There are many courses where you can learn to do this. For those of you who have the persistence and patience, you can do this!

Look, becoming successful on YouTube is a lot of work and it is a very time-consuming, difficult task. If you are determined and consistent you will be a successful YouTube marketer.

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