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Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging                             Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

In this article, I will be going over what mistakes to avoid when blogging so that your first impression with your audience is a good one. You know what they say, “You only get one first impression”. This is so right.

When writing articles on your blog you want to be sure that you avoid mistakes if possible. The effectiveness of your blog is vital to the message that you are trying to get across to your readers. So, if possible why not learn from other people’s mistakes instead of learning the hard way.

So, without further delay, I’m going to jump right into the mistakes to avoid when blogging that you need to make sure you are not doing.

Creating a Free Blog Instead of a Paid Blog

Another mistake that is frequently made by bloggers is when they start a blog they do so with a free one as opposed to using a paid blog. This is a huge mistake for a few reasons:                                                                                                                                                free versus paid blogs

  • Content that you post is not owned by you
  • Many limitations
  • Most free blogs do not allow you to monetize
  • Severe guidelines as to what you can post
  • Your blog can be shut down at any time

If the above are not good enough reasons for you to get a blog that you own, I don’t know what is. The fact that the content that you create is not owned by you is something that I could not deal with.

It is very easy to start a blog with web hosting that is low-cost; you have a couple of options. You can start your WordPress blog for free in under 5 minutes using the Siterubix website builder. This is a benefit of being a Wealthy Affiliate member.

The awesome thing about this is your website hosting is included which uses WordPress for the website platform and is included with the free Starter membership. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, the benefits that are included, and building your website. If you want more information about the Wealthy Affiliate training click here to check out my review.

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough

You do have other options for your blog such as Weebly which is another very popular website platform. However, I do recommend the Wealthy Affiliate membership as there are tons of support in addition to having an awesome website that you own.

Writing Your Article Without Targeting Your Audience

Writing high-quality relevant content is vital to becoming successful. Your blog posts need to connect with your audience and solve whatever issues or pain points that they may have. To do this, you must know specific details about who your audience is, what their problems is, and how to fix it.identify your target audience

When creating your posts make sure that you are using language that they understand; don’t use verbiage that may confuse or lose your reader.

As you write out your blog post, imagine that you are writing to a specific person that fits the description of your audience. This should help you with writing a more personal, engaging article.

Writing too Rigid

Many new bloggers start out writing their articles like they are writing an essay for class; I know I did when I first started out. I never wrote in the first person because I used to get marked down for that when I was in college.                                                             conversational tone writing tips

Well, as time went on I realized that I could relax and write as if I was talking to a friend. The strangest thing happened when I started doing this; I started getting more engagement from my readers!

So, when you are writing for your blog:

  • Don’t use jargon
  • Write like you’re talking to a friend
  • Tell a joke

Believe me, it will pay off and it will be easier for you to write your posts.

Inconsistent Posting Schedule

A huge mistake that people make when they start out blogging is not posting content consistently. Again, when I started my first blog I was guilty ofcontent marketing editorial calendar for consistent posts the same thing. One week I would post 2 articles, the next I would post 1 article and the week after I wouldn’t post at all.

This will do a lot of damage to your website and you will have to work twice as hard to come back from it. Plus, your readers can become confused and not know what to expect from you causing them to go elsewhere for their needs. Now, I know you don’t want that!

This is an easy mistake to avoid. Create a schedule for your blog posts and stick to it. You can use the calendar on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet for this. If you need to set notifications do so. Remember, your audience is depending on you to be consistent!

Using Copyrighted Images without Permission                                                                            Copyrighted image logo and warning

The mistake of using images that belong to someone else without their permission can cost you. Be sure that when you are searching for your images that you are not using copyrighted images without permission from the owner. You don’t need a lawsuit, right?

To be sure that you are not using images that belong to someone else you can take your own pictures and make your own pictures on platforms such as Canva.

Not Using Researched Data as Evidence

When writing articles many bloggers forget to use data that they have researched to support their claims and arguments. When trying to convince our readers to see things from our point of view our content needs to be driven by factual data.

If we want our readers to take the action that we are recommending it is vital that any information that we present is supported by data that we have researched. Doing this will add to your credibility and your audience will be more likely to follow your recommendations. Be sure that the platforms that you get your research from are credible as well.

Focusing Too Much on Traffic from Tools Like Google Analytics                                                 No Google Analytics

A common mistake that needs to be avoided, however, new and not so new bloggers both are guilty of concentrating on the analytics of their website.

Checking on your website’s analytics on a regular basis is very tempting and should be something that you don’t concern yourself with in the beginning. If you obsess about the analytics of your site early on it can be very discouraging to the point where you may entertain quitting.

Instead, concentrate on putting out as much high-quality content that is consistently relevant. This will build your site authority and traffic.

Depending Solely on Social Media and SEO to Drive Traffic                                                        search engine optimization drives traffic

Search engine optimization and social media are an important factor in driving traffic to your website; however, they are not more important than your audience. If you do not deliver high-quality content that people care about posting it on social media will do nothing for you.

Optimizing your articles for SEO is very helpful for your rankings, however, SEO and social media alone will not sustain your online business. On-page SEO should be present in every article you produced. If you need more details check out my post about on-page SEO by clicking here.

My Final Thoughts

Well, this concludes my list of mistakes to avoid when blogging; I hope that you have enjoyed it. Hopefully, you can learn from the mistakes of others. If you have been guilty of the above don’t feel alone, we have all made them at some point.

If there is one thing that I want, you to take away from this it would be about website ownership. While blogging your largest contribution will be theHow to Start a Blog for Free content that you create for your readers. Don’t make the mistake of taking the risk of losing your content by posting articles on a blog that you don’t own.

Like I said earlier, start your blog on a WordPress site that you own; over 30% of all websites in the world are using WordPress for their websites and domains. There is a good reason for this; WordPress is an awesome platform.

Well, that’s it for now, thank you for taking the time to read my article. If you have any further questions, comments, or have something you would like to add please do so below or you can email me at

18 thoughts to “Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging”

  1. Hi Shwana!
    As always your content is informative, and I like it. I’ve already made all the mistakes you’ve talked about:)
    I still need to understand what ’s my targeted audience. I look at Google analytics for it, but it doesn’t show Meany information. Don’t know if there are some settings on Google analytics that maybe I haven’t installed.
    And how can I know what my audience is looking for On my niche?

    1. Hello again Marta. I am so sorry for the delay in my response. I am once again glad that my article was beneficial to you. I have made many of the blogging mistakes listed. Where do you think I got them? 

      Google Analytics can help you understand a lot more about your audience. You can see whether the majority of your audience is male or female which can help you tailor the tone of your article to resonate with them. There are additional metrics you can merge with Google Analytics, check out this training on Google Analytics for help.

      Knowing your audience is one of the first things that you need to understand to be successful in affiliate marketing. Google Analytics does have an interest tab under the Audience Heading which can help you. The rest you need to do with good research, you can use the Jaaxy keyword and research tool for that.

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. Wishing you much success in your business Marta.

  2. Shwana, this is a good checklist for writing posts.

    I must admit I am falling into the not being consistant category at the moment. Every time I go to start a post something else comes up such as this GDPR stuff. Wow that took a while to decipher. Not so long to implement but I am still having hiccups.

    Well now I better go and finish my long postponed article.


    1. Hello Helen. Thanks for taking the time to read my article I am glad you liked it. I know it is hard sometimes to be consistent with posts, sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation.
      I agree the GDPR topic is a lot to take in as there are so many different takes on what needs to be done. Good luck on finishing your article. You can do it! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hello Shwana, excellent article. I know for Shawn’s blog I am checking analytics on a daily basis, hoping to hit our targets, which, at this time is mostly from surfing Traffic exchange websites. It can be very disheartening and cause you want to quit, for putting in so much effort and not much yet in return. Thanks for sharing these tips to help improve.

    1. Hello Tara. I am glad that you like the article. Checking analytics on a daily basis can be depressing especially if you are not at a point where you are receiving a lot of traffic. I think you should focus more on your content or SEO. Your traffic will come with time. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I wish you the best success with your business.

  4. Nice article and yes I’ve made a few of the mistakes. It is hard sometimes to take the easy road and then find out it was the wrong one. I do believe WordPress is the way to go in the building and owning your own website. That’s the way I did it and it was so easy to do. Just remember you cannot be successful alone it takes your audience.

    1. Hell Fred. The mistakes mentioned in this article are very common, unfortunately. WordPress is the best platform for websites. Did you know that over 30% of the world uses WordPress? Yes, our audience is crucial to our success. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Best wishes!

  5. I have been making a lot of these mistakes and did not even realize they were mistakes. Especially when it comes to publishing frequency. One week I could post 6 another 2 another 1. I see how it makes sense to be consistent. Although some of my content needs to be technical and can still be in a language that is more social and friendly. I think I need to rethink some past content wording as well. I appreciate this insight. Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Christina. You are not alone, there are many of us that don’t always publish content regularly including me. I try to do my best though. Consistency is for our audience and for the search engines of course. No matter what type of blog you have you can find a way to write more conversationally. Remember, it’s like speaking to a friend.
      I am glad that you enjoyed the article and that it was helpful to you. Thanks for visiting! Best wishes to you and your business.

  6. Shwana,
    Great points to avoid. Posting new content is on top of my list, the GDPR thing did set me back also. Having a schedule is the most important thing I have found. Without having a list of when to do things, I have a tough time getting the number of post per week that needs to be done to keep my readers interested. What do you think is the optimum number of post per week to keep an audience interested.

    1. Hey John. I also agree that publishing content consistently is very important. I think that the optimum number of posts per week is at least 3. I agree the GDPR process has had many of us confused and running behind schedule including myself. Best wishes!

  7. You have outlined everything I did wrong a few years back lol. This is an excellent article and I hope aspiring bloggers see it. I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to train for building blogs the best way.
    Free blogs are good for journals and memoirs. Still they’re not your own.
    Best Wishes!

    1. I am also guilty of a lot of these things to avoid when blogging. I think we all are at one time or another. I am glad you liked the article. I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned so much, and keep learning.
      I think that one of the most important things is to own your own content. That is one thing I did right from the beginning!

  8. Hi Shwana,
    I think, as you have pointed out, one of the biggest mistakes that a blogger can make is not knowing for whom they are writing. I made that mistake when I first started, but my writing is much more targeted now because I know for whom I’m writing. It has made it easier to understand who is reading my posts. This is not to say I have mastered the process, far from it. I think this is an ongoing mission. That said, I think you have done an excellent job in helping your reader to better identify and understand the reason why people would find value in their content.

    1. Thabo. I agree that not knowing who your audience is can seriously hurt your business and waste a lot of your time. Targeting an audience in your writing is the way to go. I am glad that you enjoyed the article. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Best wishes.

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