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Popular Blog Post Styles

Popular Blog Post Styles

Popular Blog Post Styles

Depending on the subject and purpose of your blog post, there are popular blog post styles that you can use to present your information. Some blog formats are more widely used than others.

Personally, I use whatever type of blog post that gets the job done. I am sure that is the way all bloggers function. Below I will list a few blog types that you may have heard of and some that you may not be too familiar with.

Tutorials and How-To Posts

When people go online they usually do so to get info or get a resolution to a problem they may be having. There are also many internet users who go online to see how to do something like fix a household appliance, change their vehicle’s oil, or build a website.

This is what makes tutorials and how-to blog posts very popular. They can be used when you want to show your audience how to complete a specific task. How-to posts and tutorials also establish your credibility and expertise.


Reviews are an extremely effective way to present and promote products and services. These can be products and services that you have used or those that you have thoroughly researched. For example, product/service reviews are prepared for books, restaurants, computer software, etc. A huge benefit of doing reviews is that you may receive free products from those companies that you do the reviews on.

There are different review formats; comparison and product/service reviews. Comparison reviews can include 2 or more products where you compare the differences between them. A straight service or products review breaks down the pros and cons of the one product and usually include a rating represented by stars or numbers.

List Posts (Listicles)

List posts are those that you prepare for your audience that gives the information in a numbered list. These posts are always an effective way to communicate any kind of information. They are easy to read for your audience. As a matter of fact, this post is a list post! I have provided an example for you below.***

Current Industry News

Want your blog posts to go viral? It is quite common for posts that focus on hot topics or the current news in your industry to go viral. Linking to the original news article if appropriate is something you might want to be sure to do.

When reporting this news, put your own spin on it. Try to make your news report as interesting and attention grabbing as you possibly can.


Video blogs aka “vlogging” popularity is on the rise. Actually, video posts are currently very popular and leaving video posts out of your strategy is leaving a very large audience and a lot of money on the table. If you don’t already have one I suggest that you create a YouTube channel and start making videos ASAP.

The videos that you create can be embedded into your website and shared on all social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  If you use videos on your website, your visitor’s will stay on your website longer.

My Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed my article on popular blog post styles. This list is by no means all-inclusive. The blog post styles that I have listed I believe are widely and often used by bloggers.

Most importantly, make sure that your content is engaging to your readers so that they want to return to your site for more of your content. If you have any blog post styles that you would like to add to my list, please do so below. I would love to hear your ideas.

2 thoughts to “Popular Blog Post Styles”

  1. Shwana,
    I currently use several of these ideas on my blog. Do you think this would confuse my readers to have reviews, list and videos on the same website. Just starting to add a few videos to keep readers on my site longer. What else do you recommend for reader engagement.

    1. Hello John. I think that all websites should incorporate videos to keep your visitors on your site longer. We all know reader engagement is crucial. You could also use more types of content like infographics and interviews. I would also recommend building your presence on forums and communities related to your niche.
      Another great way to boost your engagement is to ask your readers questions. I hope these tips have been helpful. Thanks for visiting and I wish you loads of success with your blog.

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