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Surveys and polls by WPForms

Surveys and Polls by WPForms

Surveys and Polls by WPForms

WPForms once again has rolled out another great feature for us to use on our websites, the surveys and polls add-on. Now you can build and customize your surveys and polls by WPForms in minutes, not hours or days.

This addon is interactive, like many of the other features and add-ons provided by WPForms. The survey and polls add-on has been downloaded and is trusted by over 10 million business owners, developers, and designers.

With the WPForms survey and polls add-on, you can build your form with the drag & drop form builder that is customary of WPForms, making it extremely easy to create your poll or survey.

Let’s check out some of the features of the survey and poll add-on that may prove beneficial to you.

Conditional Logic Integration

For those of you who don’t know, conditional logic is a form building feature that either shows/hides your form’s fields depending on how the previous responses are answered.

With WPForm’s survey and polls addon, you can enable conditional logic and set conditions to personalize survey questions to the user’s specific responses. You can customize your surveys further by randomizing the form’s fields.

Newly Released Form Templates

This add-on would not be complete without a couple of templates to further simplify the process and create visually appealing forms! WPForms has added two fresh form templates if you want to make the form building process even easier than it is already. Creating your new survey or poll has never been easier. Templates beautify your forms and give them a professional look.

Intelligent Survey Fields

WPForms Survey and Polls Addon

There are many other form plugins for WordPress that tend to complicate the survey building process. WPForms simplifies the survey making process by allowing you to integrate existing form fields into your surveys. You can turn any form on your website into a survey form with a single click! There is no need to use radio buttons that need to be dragged and dropped to create your survey. Nope, once the poll or survey addon is enabled all the fields on your forms will be changed to smart survey fields. Likert scale fields have also been integrated into this addon.


Create Your First Survey Now

Real-time Insights

WPForms provides you with real-time results of your surveys and polls. The results are instantly available for your visitors to view immediately after they are submitted. These surveys and polls can be placed on almost anywhere on your site; pages, posts, sidebar widgets, footer, etc.

The real-time insights will help you engage with your customers on a more personal level, providing you with the information from the surveys and polls that they provided immediately.

Customize Polls and Survey Fields

With the WPForms surveys and polls addon, you can customize the fields in your polls and surveys with the help of the smart survey fields feature. This gives you the ability to choose from star ratings, Likert scale, and multiple choice.

Additionally, there are advanced options that make it possible to customize the rating icons to hearts, thumbs, and smiley faces. You can jazz up your surveys and polls by changing the colors and sizes of the icons.

Retroactively Update Existing Forms

Do you have forms that you would like to update to include a poll or survey? With WPForms you can modify any of your existing forms to include surveys and polls in minutes, not hours. No coding skills are required. WPForms has step-by-step instructions on how to create your surveys or polls for those of you who need it.

My Final Opinion

Overall, the WPForms survey and polls feature is an awesome feature that will save you loads of time. Creating surveys and polls can be difficult, especially when you are trying to integrate them into forms that have already been created. WPForms makes this process easy, with the click of a button your old forms will include customized surveys or polls.

WPForms is known for being beginner friendly. The drag and drop builder is easy to use and your product will be beautiful surveys or polls that you and your website visitors can enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Click below to start building your surveys or polls now!


Create your first survey or poll with WPForms


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