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Best WordPress Plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins for an Awesome Website

The Best WordPress Plugins for an Awesome Website

Managing a website or domain can seem a bit overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t have the necessary functions to make it run smoothly. To make this easier you need to find the best WordPress plugins for an awesome website and hopefully, they are free. When you first start your website, there are many functionalities you realize that are needed, however, are not built directly into the site. Thankfully, these can be added with plugins.

So, without further delay, I will get right to what I believe are the best WordPress plugins for a website that runs smoothly with plenty of functionalities.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics for WordPress

First up on my list of the best WordPress plugins is the Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights. This is a dynamic, user-friendly plugin that connects Google Analytics to your website, so you can monitor your site visitors, their interests, and their behavior on your site.

MonsterInsights Analytics Plugin

MonsterInsights has been downloaded almost 15 million times and is known for being a great tool for beginners to use. One of the benefits is being able to view your site’s performance and access your Google Analytics dashboard right within your WordPress admin area. Your statistical data is in real time, so any potential issues can be identified and resolved as soon as they arise.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics for WordPress has add-ons that enhance your functionality. These extensions will add ads, events, ecommerce, link, referral and universal tracking. Basically, you can track almost any type of data regarding your websites and its visitors. Setting up this plugin is simple and quick with no coding skills necessary.


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The next on my list for the best WordPress plugins for a website that needs components above just the basic ones that are included. JetPack enables you to manage your website’s security, design, and marketing all in one place. Jetpack has over 1 million active installations and has a 4-star rating.

Jetpack Plugin

This plugin will centralize your tasks. With JetPack, you can automate and schedule social media posts, track your site’s statistics, protect your site with brute force and spam filtering. There are also real-time backups of your entire site as well as malware scanning.

JetPack is a multi-faceted plugin that provides help with image optimization and customizing your WordPress theme as well as the above features I have already mentioned. To get started with JetPack now click here.


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WP Forms

WP Forms

WP Forms is a very popular drag & drop contact form builder plugin with over 1 million active users that are mobile and beginner friendly as well as being optimized for web performance. You have access to pre-built templates, multi-page forms, campaign monitor forms, custom captchas, and surveys and polls. There are many other options and features that make WP Forms easy to customize.

In addition, you have access to create newsletter signup forms from email marketing service providers like GetResponse and Aweber to connect with your choice of contact form to grow your email lists. More features can be unlocked if you go to the Pro version.


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Pixel Your Site

Pixel Your Site Plugin

The next best WordPress plugin for a boost to your website’s performance is Pixel Your Site. Now, this plugin is for marketers who use Facebook ads as it helps you manage your campaigns. Pixel Your Site also has a WooCommerce integration.

Pixel Your Site has a social login widget that is personalized for each of your website visitors. This will create more trust and a connection with your website visitors which will lead to conversions. With this plugin, you can optimize your ads and retarget audiences. If you want to download this plugin now click here.

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Squirrley is one of my favorite plugins and I use it every day. This plugin helps you with your SEO on every article that you write. There is a set of powerful SEO tools integrated into this plugin that verifies that your post title, meta descriptions, and images are optimized. Essentially, Squirrley makes sure that your on-page SEO is covered so that the search engines will rank you.

SEO Squirrly Plugin

In addition to checking your on-page SEO, Squirrley also has a keyword research tool, copyright-free photo library, and an SEO virtual assistant. You can also customize how you want your snippets to look for Facebook and Twitter. Squirrley also has an automated first page SEO feature if you are an SEO beginner or you prefer to let Squirrley take the wheel. You can also customize the open graph and LinkedIn and Google Plus will also have a custom snippet.

In short, Squirrley is an awesome SEO tool that is great to use for beginners and advanced SEO marketers. There is a free and premium version, however, I do recommend the premium one. Download SEO Squirrley now!


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Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps is another plugin that helps the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo,, etc. to index your website. This plugin is rated as the best WordPress plugin for a website in its class. With over 1 million users it carries a 5-star rating.

Google XML Sitemaps creates information on your website’s structure in a language that the search engine bots can understand. When you update or add a post, the search engines will be notified with this plugin.


OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin that helps you grow your email list, reduce website abandonment rates, and convert your visitors. This plugin has over 700k active installations with a 4.5-star rating.

OptinMonster Plugin

OptinMonster is a standalone application so you must have an account with them for the plugin to work. All platforms can be integrated with OptinMonster, as well as WordPress. Click here to set up an OptinMonster account now.

With OptinMonster you have access to form builders, page-level targeting, behavior automation, a/b split testing, opt-in forms, and much more. In addition, there are 8 types of campaigns you can use, and all templates are 100% responsive, mobile-friendly. Click here now to check out my OptinMonster review for more details.

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WP Ninjas

WP Ninjas Plugin

WP Ninjas is another drag & drop form creator in minutes. With over 1 million active users and 4.5-stars, the popularity of this plugin is evident. No coding skills are needed, and you can achieve the same results as developers.

WP Ninjas specialty is creating and designing complex forms w/a library of add-ons to elevate your forms. There are also multiple anti-spam options for your protection.

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My Final Thoughts

Well, that concludes my list of the best WordPress plugins for an awesome website that needs more functionalities than it started with. My list includes plugins that will help you with your SEO and rankings, grow your emails lists, and manage your ads and campaigns.           Strategic Marketing Affiliates Final Thoughts

All of these are extremely important. I believe that no website can be complete without a few good plugins. However, you do want to be sure that you do not install too many plugins because they could affect your site’s speed.

So, do you have a favorite plugin that you cannot run your site without? What is it and why? If you have any questions please ask and if you have anything you would like to add do so below.

8 thoughts to “The Best WordPress Plugins for an Awesome Website”

  1. I’ve used most of the plugins you’ve listed, and I agree this a good list of plugins to try. I haven’t tried Squirrley. Is it your favorite SEO plugin? What makes it different from YOAST or All-in-one? Which do you like better? Yoast has seemed to get me really good results. Is there a reason you’d suggest I change?

    1. Hey Kevin! To answer your question, Squirrly is my favorite SEO plugin so far. It does not replace the All-in-One or Yoast, I use the All-in-One with Squirrly. I tried Yoast some time ago and I did not like it, I prefer the All-in-One. I think that you would really like Squirrly. You can optimize the way your posts generate on your social media platforms, on-page SEO, keyword research, the works.
      I suggest you give it a try, it even gives you a weekly site audit with recommendations for any improvements including ones to help you with your backlinks, rankings, and much more. There is a free version, however, you get the premium one free on trial. Let me know what you think when you try Squirrly’s free trial.

  2. Hi Shwana,
    What a great list of plugins! I’m particularly interested in Squirrley. It’s always important to have the best SEO strategy these days. I also like Pixel Your Site. Does this plugin have buttons on your site for sharing purposes?
    I’ll have to check all these out. Thanks for writing about them.

    1. Hey Suzanne! I had fun putting together this list. I love plugins, especially Squirrly. I agree, Pixel Your Site is also very useful. Squirrly helps with your SEO and you can also give you a weekly site audit for all aspects of your site including links, SEO, social media, on-page SEO, ranking along with recommendations for improvements.
      Squirrly is not a sharing tool for social media. Definitely check out Squirrly ASAP! Let me know what you think about it! If you have more questions I am always happy to help! Best wishes!

  3. Thanks for this great list of plugins, Shwana. Most are new to me – the only ones I came across before are Google XML Sitemaps and Jetpack.

    I’ll be installing MonsterInsights as trawling through the stats in Google Analytics can be quite time consuming.

    One plugin I use on all my sites in the Header, Footer &Post Injections plugin ( which makes it easy to add things like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc code site wide or to individual posts and pages. It can also add code, like an optin form at the bottom of posts. Save a huge amount of editing!

    1. Hey Gary! Its funny that some people have seen or used most of the plugins on this list and some have not. I guess thats because there are thousands of them.
      Funny, I also love the header/footer plugin. This plugin is a gem, it makes all the website verifications that are inevitable so easy, doesn’t it?
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Best wishes!

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