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Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog                 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

When I started blogging I made plenty of mistakes, however, I thought I had I was doing better than I was. Looking back now, there are plenty of things that I wish I knew before starting a blog which would have made my journey I heck of a lot easier. I am writing this in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes.

Of course, new bloggers are bound to make mistakes and overlook things that seem like common sense to more experienced bloggers. Your list may look different from mine, we all don’t always make the same mistakes or have the same take on any given situation.

Without further delay, below I have listed some of the things I wish I knew when I started blogging.

Correct Way to Do Keyword Research                                                                                     Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

In the beginning, when I started blogging, my keyword research game was not strong. I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for in a keyword. The keyword monthly volume, competition, traffic, and SEO were all lost on me.

Well, I’m sure you can guess what the outcome was. I only had one website then and because of the keywords I had chosen, none of my posts were ranking. I was choosing keywords that had too much competition for my new website. I almost gave up but then something changed.

I came across the Wealthy Affiliate University, started my membership, and everything changed. There are many reasons why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, however, some of the benefits are that I learned how to do keyword research correctly and my articles started getting indexed and ranking in the search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have free access to the Jaaxy keyword research tool which is an awesome benefit. With Jaaxy I easily determined the average monthly searches and websites that are competing for a keyword. Check out my Jaaxy review here.

I never looked back after that, I am still a Wealthy Affiliate member today. In addition to showing me how to do my keyword research for SEO, Wealthy Affiliate hosts my websites, provides security for my websites, ongoing training, live chats, and much, much more. Click here for my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more.

Writing in a Conversational Tone                                                                                           conversational tone writing tips

When I started writing my articles, the writing style that I used was much more formal. I wrote my blog posts as I was writing for my English professor. I had no idea that it was ok, even welcomed, to write my articles in a way that sounds as if I am talking to a friend. This is called writing in a conversational tone.

Of course, you still have to make sure there are no grammatical errors in your posts. However, you don’t have to worry about your audience critiquing your article as if they were your professor. You can write naturally as if you were carrying on a conversation.

Blog Post Should be at Least 1000 Wordshigh quality content

When I started writing my articles they were on average between 300-500 words. Now, looking back I can see that they were not as in-depth as they should have been. Actually, I could feel it at the time. It was almost as if I was leaving half-thoughts on paper.

Another thing I didn’t realize was that those short articles were affecting my ranking in the search engines. My short articles appeared as thin content and my website suffered because of this.

Presently, my blog posts are usually no shorter than 1000 words. Not just any words. I make sure that my articles are highly relevant and valuable toCopyrighted Images Seal with Description my website visitors. Once again, I owe my thanks to Wealthy Affiliate University for enlightening me about content and what it should consist of.

Verifying Images are Not Copyrighted

One thing that I wish I had known when I started my website is not to use images that are copyrighted. This was a huge mistake on my part and one that could have cost me thousands. I sure am glad that I know now which images are usable, or I just make my own with Canva.

Confirm Post Formatting After Publishing Post

Making sure that your post is formatted correctly after you publish it is crucial. This is a something that you should always be doing. Many times, after you publish your posts, the paragraphs and pictures are repositioned.

The platform that I use is WordPress for my websites. It is very easy to restructure your content with a live preview from the back office. This is a very important step.

My Final Thoughts                                                                                                                                            Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

Well, that about sums up the things I wish I knew when starting a blog. If I had any of the knowledge that I have now, it would have saved me loads of time and frustration. The frustration really came in when I realized that I wasn’t getting the desired results from my efforts and when I realized there were things that I needed to correct.

To make your keyword research easier from the beginning make sure you are using a good keyword research tool like Jaaxy. Also, make sure you know what metrics you are looking for in a keyword.

To avoid the blogging mistakes that I made when I started blogging educate yourself quickly about how to optimize your posts so that you are not wasting your time. I do recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate University as it is so much easier in this business when you have help, preferably from a successful, proven platform.

I will close for now. If you have any questions or have something that you would like to add I would love to hear it. Leave any comments below or you can email me at

4 thoughts to “Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog”

  1. Hi Shwana,
    Loved your post on the things you wish you knew before starting a blog. This is really great information and it’s awesome that you share what you learned with others.
    Funny thing is I can relate to almost all of these – plus toss in a few of my own. The SEO and keyword ranking was something I really didn’t have a handle on for probably the first 5-6 months that I started writing articles. It’s only been in the last 2-3 months that I feel I’ve gotten my arms around it pretty well.
    I can definitely tell my tone has gotten better as well too. I tried to put TOO MUCH information in my first posts, like I was trying to be an authority or something. I loosened up and now write in more of from my personal stance and viewpoint much more often.
    I’d also toss in there that in my opinion it is much better to simply write a lot of content before you trying much in the way of monetizing. Just my two cents.
    Thanks for the great article!
    Mat A.

    1. Mat. Glad you liked the post. I know that many people can probably relate to at least some of the things that I listed in there. Blogging is definitely a forever-learning process. 

      I think that keyword research is something that we all had to learn correctly and something that took some time to do. It took me a few months to know just what I was doing as well. You are right, writing a lot of content is crucial to our business. This should definitely be the focus in the beginning.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I wish you the all the best!

  2. Yup, these were the situations that I went through too, especially with keyword research. I was using a lot of broad keywords and my articles were all over the place. It took me over 100 articles to realize that I’ve gone off track and away from my niche.

    Writing in a conversational tone is also something that I struggle with. I guess I was trying to emulate all the smart bloggers out there, but it just didn’t rhyme well and writing was a struggle more than anything else.

    I am glad to have learned my lessons and now forging forward with a more structural mindset.

    1. Hey Cathy! I think everybody has been at each place I have mentioned in this post with keyword research especially. OMG, I don’t think it took me 100 articles though! You poor thing! LOL. 

      Writing in a conversational tone is something I was surprised we could do and I was elated when I learned that it was acceptable. Maybe you should just write as you would to a friend to make it easier for you, try to keep that focus as you write, it might help. 

      I am glad that part is over as well. I wish you all the best success Cathy. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

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