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Using OptinMonster to Catapult Your Conversions

Using OptinMonster to Catapult Your Conversions

Do you have an issue with your website visitors leaving your website too soon? Do you have low conversions on your website and are you looking to increase your website conversions? Are you looking to grow your email subscriber list? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to be using OptinMonster to catapult your conversions.

If you are not already familiar with OptinMonster, it is a lead generation plugin that helps you monetize your website traffic, increase your revenue, and reduce your website’s abandonment rate. OptinMonster is trusted and used by top corporations like:

  • American Express
  • Experian
  • Wpbeginner
  • Click bank
  • Pinterest

Using OptinMonster to Skyrocket Your Conversions

Why do all these corporations entrust OptinMonster with their websites? Because they are the best at what they do! There are a couple of features that this plugin provides that I want to discuss with you in detail because they will for sure make your conversions explode and website visitors stay on your site.

Keep in mind that OptinMonster is compatible with all website platforms and the top email marketing providers. Some of the website and e-commerce platforms that OptinMonster integrates with are:

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Shopify

Setup with OptinMonster in complete in under 60 seconds. In addition to the above website platforms, OptinMonster can also be integrated with any HTML website.




There are many different email marketing services that you can choose from that integrate perfectly with OptinMonster. You can expect that the top email marketing companies are included with this list. Some of the email marketing companies that are integrated with the OptinMonster platform are:

You may also integrate OptinMonster with any custom HTML form for your email service. This plugin makes it so easy for you to set up with all the options you have.

My OptinMonster review details all the benefits you will get when you use the plugin.


The Monsterlinks feature can skyrocket your conversions by at least 785% by converting any image or link into an opt-in form. This makes it extremely easy to build your email list. Monsterlinks is a 2-step popup opt-in campaign.

Did you know that people who start a process, in the case clicking on a link, are more likely to finish that process?

With Monsterlinks there is no coding required so it is easy to set up. There is also no need to install any additional plugins, Monsterlinks is fully functional. This tool is an effective email list builder that can be used by publishers and small businesses.

Exit-Intent Technology

Another campaign that you can use to skyrocket your conversions is exit-intent popups which use state-of-the-art smart behavioral technology that can detect when your website users are about to leave your site. Imagine how many website visitors that you can retain if you can detect when they are about to leave your site and stop them from doing so. The fact that the exit-intent feature can anticipate the exact moment when users are about to leave your site is an invaluable tool.

Smart technologies

Common uses for this technology would be for content marketing and e-commerce websites. On an e-commerce website, your exit-intent popups would be to target shopping cart abandonment. For content marketing, your popups can prompt your users to download free ebooks or signup for a free product trial. Whatever pops up needs to grab and keep your user on your site. This is your last chance before your website user is gone forever.

Exit-intent popups can be created by using templates that are customized to your liking. You can build these using a drag-n-drop builder or canvas technology. With the drag-and-drop builder, you are able to customize your popups with images and fonts to match the layout of your website. Dividers, videos, buttons, and many more details can be used to enhance your campaigns.

Canvas technology is another way to design your exit-intent popups. You can incorporate e-commerce integrations, videos, surveys, and related posts into your campaigns.

There are different forms of exit-intent popups that you can choose from like:

  • Coupon Popups
  • Discount Popups
  • Free Gifts
  • Ebooks
  • Downloads
  • Training
  • Toolkits

I have attached a screenshot below of exit-intent examples that are available with OptinMonster’s exit-intent feature.

OptinMonster Exit Intent Popups

Content Lock

Looking for a way to boost your email subscriptions? Look no further than OptinMonster’s Content Lock. This feature blocks out a portion of your website’s content by blurring for website visitors who are not subscribers. Those who are email subscriber can view the full blog post.

This is one of the easiest ways to build your email list as your website visitors have already shown interest in your blog posts, naturally, they will want to read the rest of your article so entering their email address to gain access to your article is a simple task.

Content lockers are usually a separate plugin that needs to be downloaded. However, in this case, OptinMonster has this feature integrated into their new and redesigned OptinMonster 3.0 builder. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of how the content blocker would look on your website with your content.

OptinMonster Content Blocker

Join OptinMonster Now CTA Button

My Final Thoughts

OptinMonster has a large collection of lead generation tools that are targeted at boosting your email subscribers, lowering your abandonment rate, and skyrocketing your conversions. This is their business, that is what they do. They are experts in their field. They are always integrating and upgrading their features to help you keep and increase your customers and sales.

The features that I have discussed above, Monsterlinks, Exit-Intent popups, and Content Locking, are just 3 of the many ways that OptinMonster provides in their plugin to improve your conversions and increase your email subscribers.

Instead of having to download multiple plugins to do this, you have all these tools at your fingertips integrated into one platform. Using OptinMonster to catapult your conversions is as easy as downloading the plugin. After that the rest is history. You will be able to implement all of the tools to grow your business.

4 thoughts to “Using OptinMonster to Catapult Your Conversions”

  1. This article was true. I have problems of people leaving my affiliate website as soon as the enter it and I always wanted to fix that specific issue. 

    The OptinMonster seems like a very useful tool and it is just awesome. I think it might just be the key I was looking to fix my websites traffic.

    I really have to thank you for sharing about the OptinMonster .

    1. Hello Sujander. Glad you enjoyed the article and you are very welcome, I love to help. 

      OptinMonster’s tools will definitely help you with the problem you are having with people leaving your website so quickly. The exit-intent technology feature will help you with that. Definitely try out OptinMonster, they have many other benefits to help you with increasing your conversions and building your email list.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. I like the idea of increasing my conversions and I have been experimenting with pop ups lately.

    How does this compare to other plugins such as the sumome plugin? Also, what is the cost associated with this plugin if I am going to install it on my WordPress website? Is there a free one that I can try out before I make a purchase? 

  3. thanks for the such good information! I can not wait to see how optin monster really works, the fact that this plugin is used by american express and other big companies makes more comfortable. I do not expect fast results, but I expect good ones over time. 

    Thanks for sharing this!

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