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What is OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

What is OptinMonster WordPress Plugin?

What is OptinMonster WordPress Plugin?

Building your email list can be challenging, especially if you have no idea where to start. There are many different plugins for WordPress that claim to be the best. During my search, I came across OptinMonster. So, what is OptinMonster WordPress plugin?

OptinMonster is a plugin that you can use to increase your email subscribers and lower your website abandonment rate. This plugin has many features at your disposal to accomplish this and is by far the best value that I found in its class. Check out all the benefits that you will have at your disposal if you choose to use OptinMonster’s plugin.

OptinMonster At a Glance….

                                             What is OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin that is compatible with any email provider and nearly all website platforms. Providing features such as unlimited A/B split testing, exit-intent technology and on-site retargeting is OptinMonster’s specialty.

OptinMonster launched in 2013 and they are known for their innovative approach to increasing subscriber growth and overall sales for small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.
OptinMonster is trusted by corporations like Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, Huffington Post, Yahoo Small Business, Forbes, and The New York Times just to name a few.

OptinMonster has over 700,000 websites using their service, loyal customers that have entrusted them to grow their email subscribers, increase opt-in rates, increase conversions and page views, and reduce website abandonment. I have attached a few testimonials for your review.


OptinMonster Testimonials


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

7-day risk-free trial

Compatible with virtually any website platform

Campaign templates designed for mobile devices

The Bad:

Cost is a bit high for those that do not have a large budget

No customer service phone support

Who is OptinMonster For?

business people in the world

OptinMonster is for bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, eCommerce websites, marketing agencies, and large corporations.

Basically, anyone who owns a website or domain can benefit from the lead generation services that OptinMonster provides. If you are wanting to grow your business, customer base, or email list OptinMonster is for you.

OptinMonster Tools

OptinMonster Documentation


There are extensive resources offered by OptinMonster. If you have questions or need help with the functionality, setting up your campaigns, or managing your account, or about any of the features or services provided you do not need to look any further than the Documentation section.

OptinMonster provides many tools for newcomers such as a checklist that walks you through setting up your first campaign. This is very helpful as setting up a new email campaign can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who have never done any email marketing before.




On OptinMonster’s Documentation page there are articles and tutorials that you can reference under the following topics:

  • Getting Started – 28 articles
  • Integrations – 47 articles
  • Functionality – 64 articles
  • Account Management – 15 articles
  • Extending – 45 articles
  • Platforms – 22 articles

The Getting Started articles are self-explanatory, these articles include OptinMonster overviews, checklists for working with WordPress, Builder overviews, any many others. There are also many tutorials and articles on how to create popup campaigns (i.e. lightbox, inline, after-post, floating bar, and mobile). There are many other introductory topics for creating a successful campaign.

OptinMonster Getting Started Tools

The Integrations topic provides tutorials with step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to combine the OptinMonster plugin with email list providers such as Aweber, Constant Contact, HubSpot, and iContact just to name a few. This makes it extremely easy to integrate OptinMonster with your current setup. There is a more complete list of all the email marketing services and website platforms that OptinMonster is compatible with elow in the screenshot.

OptinMonster Integrations


The Functionality topics provide tutorials about using WordPress shortcodes, customizing web page backgrounds, tracking conversions, sorting campaign data, and optimizing your campaigns to target specific criteria.

OptinMonstar Functionality Tools

The Account Management category provides tutorials with instructions on how to manage websites in OptinMonster, use sub-accounts, customizing branding features, managing affiliate links, etc.

The Extending category provides tutorials on debugging, creating, adding, designing, and triggering Monsterlinks which are links added to your website that trigger your popup campaigns. There are also instructions about adding JavaScript to your site, visitor redirecting, creating social media follow campaigns, and more.

The Platforms section provides step-by-step tutorials on how to integrate OptinMonster on any website regardless of the platform. The tutorials included are HTML, Squarespace, Blogger, Tumblr, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Weebly, and of course WordPress. This is just a few of the platforms as OptinMonster can be installed on virtually any website platform.

OptinMonster Platforms Tools

OptinMonster’s long list of tools and tutorials that I have mentioned above are one of the greatest benefits of the platform. If you have questions about virtually any topic the answers are provided with screenshots to walk you through from start to finish to your resolution.

This will alleviate frustrations and no doubt save you loads of time, so you can spend your time being productive in completing much-needed tasks on another aspect of your business. Technical problems may and always do arise, with OptinMonster all your issues can be resolved with the click of a button without ever leaving their website.

OptinMonster Support

OptinMonster Support

OptinMonster provides great online support for their customers if they are in need of assistance. There are a few different ways that you can get the software support that you need, they are:

  • Contact Us page
  • Submit Support Ticket for existing customers
  • General and pre-sales questions form submission
  • Blog

There is also a tutorial with screenshots for submitting support requests located in the Getting Started topic in Documentation. OptinMonster also includes instructions for self-checks prior to submitting support tickets or emails. I have included screenshots below.

There is also an FAQ section that is separated into three different sections; general FAQ, advanced FAQ, and email service providers FAQ. These are collections of OptinMonster’s most commonly asked questions.

OptinMonster Submit a Support Ticket

With all this support that OptinMonster provides any time you run into technical issues or you find yourself a little confused you can email or submit a support ticket for help.

OptinMonster also has a blog packed with articles and tips to help you optimize and increase your website conversions. The blog is categorized separated by topics:

  • Popular posts
  • Email marketing
  • Case studies
  • A/B testing
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Announcement
  • eCommerce
  • Tutorials

OptinMonster Blog

So, you see, OptinMonster has blog tips, email and site support, contact forms, FAQ’s, and there is a chat form in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen always. As far as online support goes, once again OptinMonster has you covered!

However, if you need to speak to an actual person, I was unable to find a phone number to get in touch with customer support.

OptinMonster Prices

OptinMonster has 4 different plans; Basic, Plus, Pro and Growth.  These plans are billed on an annual basis.  Currently, all plans have a significant discount on them.  There is also an option to get an Enterprise level custom plan, you must contact OptinMonster directly for this option.

Depending on what your budget looks like will obviously determine which option will work best for you. The most popular plan is OptinMonster Pro. I have attached the pricing chart below for your review. It does show features that are included in each plan comes with.

OptinMonster Pricing

As you can see, the cost is reasonable and the return on your investment for OptinMonster will be priceless. I urge you to join OptinMonster now before the discounted rate expires. The amount of money you save with the promotions are as follows:

  • Basic – $10/month – $120/year saved
  • Plus – $20/month – $240/year saved
  • Pro – $30/month – $360/year saved
  • Growth – $50/month – $600/year saved

So, you see, it really does pay to sign up for the promotion! You can save some serious money! Click here now to now to get started with OptinMonster.

My Final Opinion of OptinMonster

So, what is OptinMonster WordPress plugin? In my opinion, OptinMonster is cutting-edge lead generation software that is extremely impressive. For those of you who are looking to optimize your conversions, grow your email list and customer base you need not look any further.

OptinMonster provides tons of support and all the tools needed to successfully create and manage your email marketing campaigns, reduce your website’s abandonment rates, and overall optimize your website.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. I have explained in great detail the benefits of using OptinMonster WordPress plugin. If you have any further questions, comments, or have anything that you would like to add please feel free to do so below or send me an email at

6 thoughts to “What is OptinMonster WordPress Plugin?”

  1. Shwana, great information! I have been looking into email marketing. I am assuming it may be good to start with the basic plan, learn the system and then upgrade as you build up a list? Don’t want to spend a ton of money until I see how it works and if it is suited for me. Do you need something like MailChimp to use with this or does this have all a person needs?

    Will come back and study your post some more. Thank You for a great review.

    1. Hello Wayne. Glad you liked the article. OptinMonster is a great tool for email marketing and the size and volume of visitors on your website should determine which plan will work best for you. I agree that you should definitely familiarize yourself with the platform and test it out for your needs to see if it is good for you.
      This platform integrates with platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, etc. I did post a screenshot of the full list so review it when you come back.
      If you have any other questions please ask. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Wishing you all the best success in your business.

  2. Thanks for the post. That is about as good an explanation as I have read on this plugin. Having a optin form on your site makes a huge difference.

    1. Hey Bo. Yes, I tried to give as thorough as an explanation as I could with the post. I did not want to leave any of the juicy details out. This plugin offers so much its impossible to list all of the features. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Shwana,
    Wow, there’s a lot of great information here. I still have so much to learn lol. I’m not at the point of needing this yet, but it certainly sounds like the one I’d prefer when I do.
    Have you seen an increase in business since using this? How fast do you think you’d outgrow the basic plan?

    1. Hello Suzanne. Yes, there is a lot to this platform that is why there is so much info. I wanted to present as much information as I could so that you can get a full view of all this product offers. It is an awesome option and one that does increase business. I believe it all depends on your site and how it performs to determine how soon you will need to upgrade. You have to play it by ear.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for visiting. Best wishes!

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