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What is Repurposing Content

What is Repurposing Content?

What is Repurposing Content?                             What is Repurposing Content

What is repurposing content? In a nutshell, repurposing content is finding better and new ways to reuse or rewrite your current posts. There are many benefits to repurposing your older content. They are as follows:

  • Focus on New Audience
  • Bring Life Back into Older Posts

Now, the content that you choose to repurpose must be worthy. You don’t want to redo a post that was mediocre with content that wasn’t that great in the first place. No, you want to revive those posts that were great back when you first published them. Also, be sure that the content of the chosen posts is valuable and still relevant.                                                                                                                                       Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

There are many ways to repurpose your content as well as advantages. In addition to reaching new audiences with repurposed content, you can also improve your SEO. Having various pieces of content on a similar topic makes more opportunities to target keywords that you desire. Usually, I use my Jaaxy keyword tool to target my keywords for article ranking purposes but I welcome any other methods that give my SEO a boost. You can check out my Jaaxy review here for more details on how this tool works.

Additionally, you acquire more authority as an expert in your field and may receive quality backlinks. Without further delay, I will get right into ways to repurpose your content.

Make New Blogs Posts Out of Previous List Post                                                                  high quality content

Your audience can truly benefit from your prior high-quality content. You can do this by taking a list post and break it down into various pieces of content.

Basically, you take each item in your list post or listicle and create an individual article out of it. This should be very easy for you. In addition, if you have been having trouble finding blog topics to write about this solves this problem.

Another great idea for repurposing content is to do the reverse by taking a group of similar posts and merge them into one larger post.                                                                                                                                     Use social media to promote content

Create a Guide Out of Old Blog Posts

If you have written multiple blogs about a specific subject, why not rearrange them into a brand-new guide. This can then be used for your lead generation and email marketing campaigns

Repost Evergreen Content to Social Media

If your content is evergreen and still accurate and relevant you can repost it and promote on your socialcreate infographic tips media accounts. This is a great chance to reach those that you missed the first time around in different time zones and your new followers. You should try different headlines than you had the first time around.

Construct an Infographic

Infographics are awesome visual tools. I personally love using infographics for my articles and posts. Infographics are a summary of all the content within your post prepared in a visual display. You can use programs like Canva or Piktochart to help you with building infographics.

Design a Pinterest Instructographic

Instructographics are very similar to infographics visually, however, instructographics have a how-to element. Instructographics are very popular on Pinterest because of the actionable and visual aspect.

Revive and Republish Old Articles and Posts

I am sure that you have old posts that have content that is still relevant give or take a couple of facts. Well, you can take this post, update it, and republish it. Some platforms will even allow you to update the date on the original post.                                                             Quora Logo

Post Content to Quora

Most bloggers usually post to the largest social media networks; however, you can also share your originally blogged content on Quora. You can share it as an answer to a question or to the blog on Quora.

My Final Thoughts

The point of this post was to answer the question “What is repurposing content?” I have done that for you to the best of my ability. In conclusion, repurposing your content is making sure that your content that already exists gets into more hands.

Repetition is key to successfully repurpose your content as it reinforces your message. One of marketing’s oldest concepts is the rule of seven thatContent Marketing states a consumer must see the same message at least 7 times prior to them making a purchase. So, your content must be republished and reposted for the best results.

Another benefit of repurposing your content is that it will increase your organic visibility on your website. Since you are repurposing content that has already been optimized on your site you will boost traffic and visibility.

If you have any further questions or anything that you would like to add please do so below.

4 thoughts to “What is Repurposing Content?”

  1. Hi Shwana,
    Thank you very much for this helpful post. Some points are still new to me, as I’ve never done an infographic or something like that, but I hope I’ll have the possibility to learn how to do all that stuff:)
    You said that it’s possible to update the date on your posts, but which platform allows you to do that?

    1. Hello Marta. You are very welcome, I am glad that you liked the post. In time you will learn all there is to know about this industry. It is possible to change the date your post was published in back office. 

      I believe that all themes allow this.The edit tab is on the top right corner of the posts page in WordPress. It is in the publish box.

      Thank you for leaving a comment Marta. Best wishes!

  2. It is funny that I came upon your article today since my task this morning is to repurpose an article where my main affiliate link has gone out of business. I was thinking of using it as a central post that has secondary info posts linked to it and your article has convinced me to try this. Great and timely advice.

    1. Dr Doug. I guess everything does happen for a reason; I am glad that my article was useful to you. Thank you for leaving a comment. Good luck with centralizing your post.

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