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What is the Definition of Affiliate Marketing

What is the Definition of Affiliate Marketing?

What is the Definition of Affiliate Marketing?                                                          affiliate marketing process

The internet is a wonderful place with many ways to make money with affiliate marketing being one of the best ways to do this. Affiliate marketing is one of the most prevalent ways to make money online from home. What is the definition of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process where you make commissions by promoting a product or service, usually through an affiliate link, and if someone purchases that specific service or product you receive money for it.

Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is, however, I do want to walk you through it in a little more detail so here goes.

Affiliate Marketing Process

  • Have a platform where you can express ideas and communicate with the public such as a blog, website, or domain. If you don’t currently have one click here to start a free website in under 5 minutes.                                                                                               how affiliate marketing works
  • Apply for membership with affiliate programs or products that you want to promote or recommend. When you apply for the product, service, or program you will complete the publisher/partner application. That is what the affiliate marketing programs refer to affiliate marketers as. You can click here for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.
  • On your website, you will write articles and blog posts about specific topics. This is where you will promote your products and services to your website visitors. The affiliate program provides you will a special link which is referred to as your affiliate link and includes your affiliate ID within the link.
  • If your visitors click on this link and end up purchasing the product or service that you are promoting or recommending through this affiliate link you earn a commission.
  • Most affiliate programs have a specified amount that you must earn prior to receiving a payout of your earned commissions.

Pretty easy right? I know it seems easy, however, there are some very important things that you want to keep in mind.

Affiliate Marketer Requirements

First and foremost, you must let your audience know that you are using affiliate links by providing an affiliate disclosure on your website. This is the law and required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). For detailed information about FTC affiliate disclosure requirements click hereftc discl 2013

You want to be sure to promote products that are within your niche and relevant to your topics of discussion. More importantly, you want to be sure that what you are recommending to your audience is beneficial to them. After all, helping your audience solve a problem is the reason why we are doing this. If you are not in this business to help your visitors than you are in the wrong business.

Each affiliate program has terms of service that need to be followed. Be sure to read these to make sure you are following their rules.

Additional Tips

Experiment with different text links, images, page placement, and types of content. There are distinct combinations of the above that may convert better than others. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and try new things.

In conclusion, the definition of affiliate marketing stays the same no matter what so there should be no confusion as to the purpose and process. If the products and services that you are promoting are resolving the issues of your followers, you are doing your job.

If you have anything that you would like to add, or any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

6 thoughts to “What is the Definition of Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Hi, Shawna. As you were so forthright within the content that made up this excellent article, the possibilities for a person to create income through owning a affiliate marketing business where the focus would be in providing a needed service to people online is a very real goal thanks to the advancements of the Internet.

    There would be a process however, and something that you went through step-by-step both before and during the creation of such a business.

    The facts are that with so many scam opportunities that still can be found on the Internet coming from fraud businesses, a person must be upfront in not only following the FTC guidelines regarding promoting products on a website. But also the online business owner would be required to indicate that he/she IS being entirely lawful in promoting niche products, done through a privacy policy and terms of service pages posted on the website.

    Content added regularly to a website which would serve to focus the various needs of readers within the specific focus of what niche makes up the business is THE crucial foundation that would allow the online business owner to eventually achieve success.


    1. Hello Jeff.

      Thank you for reading my article and taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed it.

      Yes, the internet has made many things possible over the years. With technology advancements unfortunately, we do have to be vigilant for scams.

      I do agree that to be successful, publishing quality content regularly is necessity. This keeps our visitors up-to-date with niche changes.

      Thank you for your contribution. I enjoyed reading your insight.                              

  2. Great article and thanks for breaking it into simple terms. What about if your web page is like a review site or a ranking or directory? For example, what if my web page or blog is ranking culinary schools in say Europe or US? can I make $$:
    1. Ads for schools who want to be promoted on my site 2. Capturing info of potential students and creating lead generation
    3. Link to their web page which could result in them applying which is a sale.
    Again, great article Shwana- love to get your feedback.

    1. Hello Reza!

      I am glad you enjoyed the article and that it was informative. You can make money on a review site if you are doing reviews on products or services, however you must be a member of the affiliate program that you are doing the review on.

      This means that you must apply for the affiliate program and get accepted. Then they will give you an affiliate link that you can integrate into your review. If your readers purchase the product or service by clicking on your affiliate link, then you receive a commission.

      You can also make money if you have ads on your site from the schools that want to be promoted by you. Again, you need to have an agreement with these schools or whatever company is placing the ads on your site.

      Any links that you place on your site that lead to your readers signing up or using the promoted product you will earn a commission if they use your links. You are the gateway to the product, service, or company.

      If you want more ideas on how to promote affiliate products click here.

      Thank you, Reza, for taking the time to leave a comment and if you have any other questions just ask. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for this! Affiliate marketing really is a fantastic and, if used the right way, lucrative way to make money.

    The main problem is that so many people just give up after a few months when they don’t see any results. It’s vital to stick at it and create quality content. Results will come but it typically takes up to a couple of years to start making a decent income. From here though, the sales really start to skyrocket.

    1. Hello Stephen. Glad you liked the post. Yes, affiliate marketing is truly a great way to make money but it is not easy. Nope it takes a lot of hard work. I agree that it can take quite a while get to a point where you are seeing the results of your labor. 

      In this industry you have to be driven, patient, and consistent. Without those qualities I’m afraid that people won’t be successful. Thanks for leaving a comment. Wishing you all the best.

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