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What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About?

Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member was a life-changing moment for me and one that I will forever be glad that I did. When I joined WealthyWhat Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About Affiliate, I began as a Starter member. The message about upgrading to a premium member was a constant reminder on the screen. Naturally, I wondered, “What is Wealthy Affiliate premium membership about? Almost immediately after my introduction to the platform, I upgraded to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership. But not before I did loads of research of course.

One of the reasons why I upgraded to Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate was because with the lessons that I was able to access within the Starter membership I realized that to excel and reach the financial independence I was looking for I needed access to all services and lessons available only as a premium member. I have highlighted the benefits of becoming a Premium member below. You will see for yourself that upgrading was and still is a no-brainer.

Unlimited Educational Features for Premium– Starter Lessons Limited

As a new internet marketer education is crucial to your success. Both Starter and Premium members have access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification

However, Starter members only have access to the first 10 lessons on each program. The Online Entrepreneur Certification has a total of 50 lessons and the Affiliate Bootcamp Training has a total of 70 lessons, so you can see that being a Premium member is a lot more beneficial.

Premium members also get live interactive classes that take place every week on many marketing topics that are always changing. There are also additional classrooms covering topics like SEO, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and many more. In addition, the community members contribute training on every imaginable marketing topic and you can take part in the training program and get paid to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification Lessons

There is a WA (Wealthy Affiliate) blog that Premium members share experiences, information, news, and business journeys on that gets ranked very high in the search engines. Wealthy Affiliate is already an authority site, so the blogs you post here are as well! That is just another benefit of being a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate.

All Access Website Features for Premium Members – Starter Members Have Limited Features website builder

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you get some awesome features that are included in your membership. Regardless if you are a Starter or Premium member you have access to SiteDomains which is a platform where you can purchase your domains from.

The most noticeable difference between Starter and Premium memberships is that Starter members only get 2 free websites while Premium members can host up to 50 websites with beautiful designs.

The theme that you choose for your website is extremely important as it has everything to do with the user experience. Starter members do have 12 themes to choose from for their websites which is great. However, as a premium member, you have access to over 3000 mobile ready (responsive) website layouts made for many different niches.

Designing your site is easy as a Premium member, there are over 51,973 additions available to you. There are thousands of plugins for enhancing images and fonts, adding social and e-commerce features and much more.


As a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, the benefits just keep on coming, especially when it comes to website features. Premium members also have:

  • Site Speed
  • Site Protect
  • Site SSL

Now, these features are all about your website health, speed, and security. Site Speed guarantees the fastest speed s in the industry. We all know how much we can’t stand a slow website, being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member ensures this is not something we have to worry about. Our visitors will stay on our websites because they are not taking forever to load.

In addition, we all want to be sure that when we visit a website our information is secure. With Site SSL and Site Protect, we have a three-point protection layer and SSL certificates for free included with the Premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Security

With the website encryption, spam protection, and super-fast loading speeds websites and domains rank higher in the search engines as well as protecting our visitors. Premium memberships include all of this at no additional cost. Anywhere else you would be paying for each service.

Having comments on your new posts is something that is hard for new marketers to get, especially early on when traffic is low. Site Comments takes care of that issue. In exchange for submitting comments on another’s website, you can get the engagement that you need on your website, again boosting your website engagement which increases your rankings.

There is also Site Feedback where you can submit for your website to be reviewed by others. This is an invaluable tool as you can correct very critical errors on your website that may cost you visitors and money before it happens.

There are many hours of advanced website training videos and modules at your disposal. More than enough to make you an expert or authority with WordPress.

Premium WordPress Hosting – Starter Hosting Features Limited

Both Starter and Premium Wealthy Affiliate members all receive malware and virus protection for all websites. However, only Premium members get the full suite of WordPress hosting which includes 24/7 managed and automated monitoring. We have a team of server administrators actually watching our website’s performance all the time to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

Additionally, there is Site Support which I love. Any problem that arises like your site being down will be handled immediately. Site Support responds within 5 minutes so there is no need to wait for a resolution, it will be almost immediate. Usually, this type of support takes much longer with other companies to address, respond, and resolve.

Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides unparalleled hosting that would regularly cost you over $200/month. That’s money that you can drop in your savings account or put back into your business.

My Final Thoughts

When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate I was a Starter member, had no idea what I was doing, and all I knew was that I needed to be successful in my business venture. I had 7 days to decide if I wanted to upgrade to Premium for the discounted $19.

By day 3 I had made my decision, I was a Premium member and, on my way, to reaching my financial independence goals! To tell you the truth, I would have paid more to have access to all the features that I discussed above.

Wealthy Affiliate CTA Banner

There is a wealth of information provided at Wealthy Affiliate and many resources for you to be successful. Take full advantage of them by becoming a Premium member. The only person that you are hurting is yourself if you don’t make the change. Scared money don’t make no money!

So, what is Wealthy Affiliate membership about? It is the best place that I know of to evolve as a successful Entrepreneur and build a thriving online business. All the necessary tools are provided and within your reach, you just have to grab it. I hope you have enjoyed this post. If there is anything that you would like to add or ask please do so below. You can also email me at

4 thoughts to “What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About?”

  1. I am a blogger and to me, having an SSL for my blog is a big thing. Seeing that it is included in the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, I am now convinced it’s worth it—the premium membership. Several times I experienced my site getting hacked, and sometimes, down for industry-wide security issues. With Wealthy Affiliate, I think blogging is better. Blogging with peace of mind!

    1. Hello Gomer. I agree that SSL is extremely important and having that included in membership is one of the things that makes Wealthy Affiliate so great. Not to mention, the hosting, domains, training, etc!

      OMG I would be out of my mind of my sites got hacked. How did you deal with it? With Wealthy Affiliate you will not have to worry about that. You will be covered.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I wish you all the best!

  2. Hi! Just checked out the article and i found the article was Authentic. The information provided was clear and simple! The content looks professional and engaging as well! Your article gave me a clarity of how my Wealthy Affiliate membership can benefit me in my online marketing journey. I am planning on joining WA because of all the benefits especially the free websites..
    Thank you and All the best!

    1. Hello Maran. I am glad you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate article. Becoming a premium Wealthy Affiliate member gives you access to all the resources WA offers to become a successful online marketing. 

      Well, thanks for leaving a comment and I wish you all the best success.

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