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Where to Start a Blog for Free

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Where to Start a Blog for Free

In this post, I am going to be walking you through where to start a blog for free. This is for those of you who do not know where to start. Starting anything new can sometimes seem overwhelming with all the choices that are available.

I will be walking you through the necessary steps to start your blog, as well as pointing you in the right direction as to the platform that is best suited for starting your blog for free.

There are a few different steps that you want to take before you start creating your blog. First, you must decide what your blog is going to be about. You want to make sure that whatever topic you choose is something that you enjoy and will have plenty to write about. Remember you will have to consistently write content for your blog to be successful.

Starting a blog for free is easy and there are a few different avenues that you can take. I will cover a few options for you; Siterubix, WordPress, and Wealthy Affiliate.


WordPress is a popular website builder that enables you to create a website for 100% free. Their platform is very user-friendly with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your free website. I will walk you through this now.

First, click here to go to click on the Get Started tab.

Wordpress Welcome Screen

Next, complete the necessary fields; name your site, choose site topic, and primary goal for the site. Then click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

WordPress website building step one

















Next, create your website’s address. You do this by entering a name, keyword, short phrase, etc.


WordPress website build step two


As you can see, a drop-down list appears with available web addresses. Keep in mind that it at all possible the .com web addresses are recommended.


WordPress website builder step two

Next, you need to select which plan is right for you depending on your needs.

WordPress plan selections

In this step, you need to setup your login credentials. As you can see, you can use your login to your Google Gmail account.

WordPress website builder login credential setup

Congratulations! Your website is complete and live! Next, click on the View My Site tab to customize your site.

WordPress website builder live site confirmation

The address that you created will be in the window that says Your Subdomain, this is your web address. If you are ready to upgrade to your own domain you can do this now or at a later date.

WordPress Join Button

Siterubix/Wealthy Affiliate

Siterubix is web building platform that is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and is an easy platform to build your website on. It is free to start. The best part is that your website will be completely built in less than 5 minutes. I will be walking you through building a website on this platform as well.

First, click here to go to You can also access the Siterubix platform through the Wealthy Affiliate website by clicking here. Choose the name of your website and enter it into the available space. The system will tell you if it is available for use. Then click on the blue tab that says Build My Free Website!

Siterubix sign up page

In this step, you will sign up with your personal information; name, email address, username, and password for your Wealthy Affiliate login.

Siterubix Wealthy Affiliate sign up page

Next, select your preferred option. If you want to start a free website select On a free domain.  

If you already own your own your own domain and want to move your new website into it select On a domain I own. If you want to register and purchase a new domain select Register a domain.

Siterubix Wealthy Affiliate website builder

Next, choose the name, title, and design (template) for your domain. Scroll down and select build your website.

Siterubix Wealthy Affiliate website builder

Congratulations! Your website in complete!

Siterubix Wealthy Affiliate completed website confirmation

Next, take a look at the features of your new website. Explore, and get comfortable with your new platform.

Siterubix Wealthy Affiliate completed website

You will receive a welcome from Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform and training in the online marketing industry.

Wealthy Affiliate welcome page

Congratulations, you are now a new member of Wealthy Affiliate and you have a brand new website! Here at Wealthy Affiliate you have access to full training to help monetize your website. Your website is not only a site, it is your business.

So, i have provided you with two different places of where to start a blog for free. In my opinion, Siterubix/Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for starting a blog. WordPress is a great option as well but it does not provide the support that you get with Siterubix.


WordPress Join Button


SiteRubix Join


If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to ask and I will get back to you ASAP.

14 thoughts to “Where to Start a Blog for Free”

  1. Great information on where to start free blogs. You didn’t mention one of the most popular blog sites though, Blogger or Blogspot. This is owned by Google, I think, so if you use them they will push your content up in the rankings. However, there are some good reasons to own your own URL. You have more control over the content and whether it is taken down or not. We are currently seeing a lot of political content removed from Youtube when it doesn’t agree with the owners. Keep that in mind as you create content on free sites!

    1. Hello Melinda!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the article. Also, I agree that Blogger and Blogspot are popular blog sites, they were not included in my article as I prefer the platform of WordPress and Siterubix; in my opinion they more user-friendly.

      Yes, I also believe it is best to own your own URL as you have control over all that you create. I would not be happy if any of my content was removed because the owner of the platform I use disagreed with my article. That is why I own my URL’s.

      Once again, thanks for your feedback. 

  2. Having your own domain and a strong presence in the online world is essential in today’s world. The internet is the future and if you have the ability to express yourself through writing and find a topic you are passionate about and have the willpower to keep at it, you will definitely be able to create a passive income for yourself. WordPress is by far my preferred choice for creating content. The platform is easy to use and has millions of themes to choose from. Wealthy Affiliate is also a great online community providing you with all the necessary tools to get your online business up and running. WA+Wordpress for me. Owning your own is essential for the longevity of your website and branding of course!

    1. John. I agree that owning your domain is the way to go for your online business. This way to own the content you create and can do whatever you want with it. I also use WordPress for my platform, so does over 30% of the world, it is the best place to have your domain.

      Wealthy Affiliate is also where I started my online businesses and I stand by it also. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment. Wishing you the best success with your online business.

  3. This is really good that I can start blogging for free but I have some questions. When I can start it for free there is generally bad and slow hosting. I wonder whether this is the case here or not. What are your experiences with it? Also does it protect from spams?

    1. Hello Furkan. I am glad that you enjoyed the article. Regardless if you set your website up on WordPress or Siterubix your web hosting will be very fast and secure.

      With Siterubix, hosting you will have a fast hosting speed Amazon c3.large. WordPress powers over 30% of all websites in the world, hosting with WordPress is awesome. 

      In regards to your security you will have protection in addition to the speed. I have a WordPress site and I use Siterubix hosting. Overall, I have no complaints. My websites are secure and respond quickly. I think you will find that you are extremely happy with the results. After all, what have you got to lose? You are starting up the blog for free!

      Thanks for your time and for leaving a comment. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Best wishes.


    1. Hello Alan. I am glad that you liked how I presented blog setups in this post. I did try to make it as easy as possible to follow. Thanks for leaving a comment and visiting my site. Best wishes

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