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Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research Pro or Enterprise

Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research? Pro or Enterprise?​

Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research? Pro or Enterprise?

When I started working online from home, I began using Jaaxy’s free Starter edition for my keyword research. I loved the interface; however, Jaaxy’sWhich Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research Pro or Enterprise Starter edition only had a total of 30 searches and in this industry that is nowhere near enough for the keyword research that needs to be completed daily.  I decided that I needed to upgrade to Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise edition. The question was, which edition of Jaaxy for keyword research, pro or enterprise, had all the features that I needed? I also wanted to make sure that it was a good value. I decided to upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise. For a more detailed look at Jaaxy, you can check out my Jaaxy review here.

I initially started using Jaaxy because I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and now the Jaaxy keyword tool is integrated with my membership. However, I use Jaaxy to do my niche, keyword, and domain research. I also use Jaaxy to check where my articles are ranking in the search engines. I have a very specific reason for why I upgraded to Jaaxy Enterprise and why I think you will also benefit from it.

Jaaxy Starter is a great introduction to the platform, however, there are many great benefits missing that are needed to successfully run your online business.

2k-10k Site Rank Scans                                                                                                                   Google Page 1 Ranking

When I write articles and posts for my websites I do so with the intent to get them to rank on page 1 of all search engines, mainly Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To verify that my efforts are not in vain, I search for their exact rank to see if my posts are bringing my website any traffic.

Before I started using Jaaxy I would start at page 1 of Google and search page after page until I found my article, or until I got frustrated enough to realize that my post did not rank well.

During my 30-day free trial of Jaaxy when I was using the Starter edition I still had to manually search for my posts rank. It was very time-consuming, I couldn’t stand it. That was my main reason for upgrading to Jaaxy Enterprise and when I did I never looked back.

With Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise you can scan Google, Bing, and Yahoo to see where your posts are ranking. Jaaxy Pro gives you 2k scans per month and Jaaxy Enterprise gives you 10k scans per month. Even if you produce tons of content you will most likely never come close to depleting those scan amounts. I have attached a screenshot of Jaaxy Site Rank below.


Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research Pro or Enterprise


The difference between Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise is when it comes to the scans, Jaaxy Pro scans the first 10 pages and Jaaxy Enterprise scans the first 20 pages of the search engine results page.

I have highlighted the important areas on the Site Rank results. As you can see, the results are very easy to understand. You can see that this article has ranked in the 1st position on all search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  You can also see exactly how your article appears in the SERPs.

The keyword tracking can be automated from this page by selecting if you want daily, 2x’s/week, weekly, 2x’s/month, or monthly tracking. This can save you loads of time because it can take hours to check the rank of all targeted keywords of your posts. With this automation feature, your time can be better spent doing something else for your online business.

Jaaxy’s Site Rank feature is an invaluable tool, this is one of the main reasons why I chose Jaaxy Enterprise.

Now, if my posts are ranking past the 20th page in any of the search engines then I need to seriously optimize my articles. Wouldn’t you agree?

2-5 Tabs for Keyword Search

The next most important reason that I upgraded my Jaaxy account to the Enterprise edition is that on the Starter edition when you are conducting your keyword research you only can search with one tab at a time. This limits you to search for one keyword at a time. Using Jaaxy for keyword research was a bit frustrating with only 1 tab but when I upgraded that was no longer an issue. I have attached an example in the screenshot below.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Search Tabs


I found that only having one tab for my keyword search was irritating because when you search for a keyword not only do you have the keyword information populated but in Jaaxy on the right-hand side there is also alternate search phrases that you may want to try, and it is difficult when you only have 1 tab available. This is like only having one Google tab available when you are browsing the internet.

Automated Search/Domain Results

When I’m searching for a keyword with the Jaaxy Enterprise the results conveniently populate automatically instead of me having to do any extra orDomain Extensions additional clicking. Simultaneously, the associated keyword also shows whether it is available as a domain and the domain extensions that are available such as; .com, .net, and .org. I must say, this is an awesome benefit, especially if you are looking for a new domain to build with a valuable keyword in the name.

The automated search results are not offered with the Starter or Pro Jaaxy editions. Having your search results automatically load saves loads of time when researching keywords and domains. This is just another reason why I upgraded to Jaaxy Enterprise.

Alphabet Soup Technique

The alphabet soup technique is an extremely helpful tool for finding niches, post ideas and topics, and blog titles. It is similar to Google’s autosuggest and is a great way to find 100’s of keywords! I have attached a screenshot of the Alphabet Soup feature below.                                                                                                                  Jaaxy Alphabet Soup


How it works is you type in a search phrase or keyword. Then variations of the search phrase populate in alphabetical order. One search will result in 100’s of keyword variations! This process is automated in Jaaxy, unlike Google’s auto-suggest which manual.

This feature is only available in Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise so yet another reason why you should upgrade your plan because the Starter edition does not have this awesome tool.

Search Analysis

As an online marketer one of the most important things that we can do is see what our authoritative competitors are doing right and learn from it, that is where Jaaxy’s search analysis tool comes into play. This tool is only available with Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise editions.

The search analysis tool provides information to help you figure out what your competition is doing regarding their SEO. Also, this tool helps you uncover what ranking factors are contributing to the top-ranked websites’ success. The search analysis tool provides you with a glimpse of the content, Alexa rank, meta tags, and keyword density on the websites that are ranking the highest in the search engines.

Jaaxy Search Analysis

 My Final Thoughts

I have provided you with the reasons that you benefit from upgrading to Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise editions. This is a no-brainer, these tools that I mentioned in this article are necessary to be a successful online marketer. When I was trying to figure out which edition of Jaaxy for keyword research, pro or enterprise, provided the features and benefits that I needed Jaaxy Enterprise won out.

Without the ability to properly research your keywords and niches you will not have a website that will succeed. You will be writing articles and using keywords that you may not even rank for. Without researching your topics, you could also be writing about subjects that people are not even searching for. Keyword research tools are crucial to your success.

Jaaxy Enterprise is my #1 recommendation for my keyword and research tool because it provides all the features I need for my research. I can check out my competitors, automate and verify where my posts are ranking, and make sure that my content is relevant and helpful to others. Below I have attached a summary of the plans and features.Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research Pro or Enterprise?


Overall, using Jaaxy for keyword research makes my research almost effortless with all the benefits that it provides. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your plan, it really is to your benefit and you will be glad that you did. You can click here to upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise now. I am going to close for now. If you have any question, comments, or anything that you would like to add please do so below.

7 thoughts to “Which Edition of Jaaxy for Keyword Research? Pro or Enterprise?​”

  1. The timing of this article couldn’t have been better.
    I have been contemplating updating but had no idea what the benefits would be – you have laid them out very precisely here.
    I can see great benefits in having the “search analysis” function in particular.
    My dilemma now is do i get this while I am in only 1 niche?
    It seems to be a lot of info for just my one little old niche which keeps me fairly busy as I try to add content and fill the site up.
    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Lawrence. Glad that this article came right on time for you. The search analysis is an extremely valuable tool as it provides insight into what the top ranking websites are doing.
      I have only 2 websites and I have Jaaxy Enterprise. I think that whether you have 1 website or 10, upgrading to Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise would be beneficial to you. I do not think it is too much. As a matter of fact, I think you should upgrade your account like yesterday.
      If you are unsure, upgrade your Jaaxy account today and try it out for a couple of months and see what you think then. If you have any other questions please ask.
      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. I wish you all the best, Lawrence.

  2. What a detailed post on Jaaxy with even more insight on how to choose the right keywords. I have come across such reviews online before but this surely trump all with a thorough look at which plan best suit your online work. I am sure folks will love this. Well done and please keep them coming.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Richard U.

    1. Hello Richard! Glad you liked the article. I use Jaaxy for so much research, I am on it constantly and definitely every day. It makes keyword research a breeze and saves so much time. As I said in my post, upgrading to Jaaxy Enterprise is one of the best moves I have made in this business.
      I will definitely keep pushing. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Best wishes!

  3. Your post is nicely laid out. Solid use of images; screenshots make a lot of sense when you’re discussing software subscriptions.

    I’m still a little confused by the end of the post. No confusion that if you’re serious about affiliate marketing, then you have to upgrade from “Starter”. The case for Enterprise over Pro is not so clear. A couple of processes are automated and a few capabilities are slightly expended.

    The message I’m getting is stick with Pro until you start making some money. Is that your intent?

  4. Also being a member of wealthy affiliate I use Jaaxy for my keyword research, I can see the benefit of the keyword tracking tool, like you mentioned keeping an eye on older posts and updating them to help with their ranking would be a huge timesaver as well as a bonus on repurposing older content.

    1. Hello Vaughn. Being a Wealthy Affiliate gives you Jaaxy for free as well as many other awesome benefits. Yes, the keyword ranking tool is a very useful tool, expecially for those that are writing articles on their blogs and websites. I prefer Jaaxy Enterprise because it has all the SEO and research features which I need for my online business. 

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Best wishes!

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