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Types of Websites You Can Create with WordPress

WordPress Review for 2018

In this post, I will be giving an honest, detailed review of the WordPress website and domain building platform. WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create and build a website or blog. In addition, WordPress also has hosting, backups, software updates, security, and spam protection included. My WordPress review for 2018 will give you the most updated information available. WordPress Review for 2018

Name: WordPress


Price: $0 Free, $4 Personal, $8 Premium, $25 Business

Usability: 5 Stars

Support: 5 Stars

Overall Rank: 5/5 Stars

WordPress, Product Overview

WordPress is a platform that makes it possible for you to create and build a blog, website, domain, or artist portfolio with ease. There are no web designing skills necessary as you have access to hundreds of brilliant theme designs using HTML or CSS. Simplistic tools are used to create and maintain new sites daily from small business to giant media sites like CNN and TIME. There is no easier way to cultivate your brand than using WordPress to present it.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pros and Cons

Start a blog or build a website without any technical knowledge

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Mobile Ready Themes

Built-in Social Sharing

All Plans Include Jetpack Essential Features

Loads of Support

==>Start WordPress Website for Free<==

The Bad:

Happiness Engineers for real-time assistance only available with upgraded plans

Free Plan 3GB Storage Space

Custom Domains Only Available for Personal, Premium, and Business Plans

Unlimited Premium Themes Only Available for Premium and Business Plans

Advanced Design Customization Only Included with Premium and Business Plans

WordAds Program Only Available with Premium and Business Plans

WordPress At a Glance…

WordPress is the most popular open source publishing platform powering over 29% of the web. is the hosted version of the open
source software started in 2005. Almost everything on WordPress is free which makes it easy to fit in with everyone’s budget.Jetpack Ad

There are hundreds of designs that you can customize your website or domain with and many fascinating features that are built into these templates. WordPress is compatible with thousands of free plugins that can enhance your domain or website and make it your own. Whether you are a beginner or experienced web designer, WordPress is user-friendly making it so that anyone can manage and create their own site with ease.

Who is WordPress For?

WordPress is for those that have a message that they want to convey to their followers, or just to express ideas and beliefs. This could be bloggers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, small business owners, giant media corporations, and artists. In short, those who need a website, blog, or domain to ultimately reach their audience.

WordPress Tools & Training

WordPress offers a plethora of training and tutorials for those that are beginners and need step-by-step guidance customizing their sites. There are also built-in social media tools that send your new posts, articles, or content to the social media platform of your choice.

Learn about your audience with the in-depth stats that are provided by WordPress’ Jetpack. You also have access to built-in SEO making it easier for your viewers to find you. In addition, the mobile app enables you to view stats, engage and publish from wherever you are.

WordPress also has a mobile app, so you can access your admin area from anywhere, anytime. You can also post by email, or by any site without having to log into that specific site by using Press This feature.

WordPress Support

WordPress has a support platform, one of the most thorough that I have ever seen. For convenience, there is a search feature in the home page of the support section that enables you to find help by typing the word, phrase, or topic into the search box that you are having issues with.

The knowledge base is filled with helpful topics such as writing/editing, widgets/sidebars, upgrades, traffic, tools, shortcodes, social tools, SEO tools, and much more. There is also an FAQ link available.                                                                                                                   WordPress Support

WordPress provides 24-7 support via email and community forums; Happiness Engineers are available via live chat for those that prefer real-time assistance.

In addition to details on specific topics, the WordPress support forum also has step-by-step instructions on how to get started on the main support page. There are 4 tabs that help you get started setting up and establishing your website/domain’s framework. These tabs are; Start, Create, Customize, and Connect. I have outlined the details of each one below.

  • Start – Helps you set up your blog with a 5-step blog set up a checklist, 2-week blogging email course that helps with posts and customizing your blog to assist with creating your site’s framework. There is also a 10-day website building course filled with tips for creating pages/content/navigation, domains, SEO, and more. Video tutorials are available for customizing your site, social media/content and media integration. Step-by-step guides are available for every feature WordPress provides. Happiness Engineers are a click away if you need extra help.
  • Create – Theme showcase is available to preview new looks for your site, 2 editor/writing modes available (visual/HTML editor). Writing helper has writing tools which allow you to collaborate before you publish, request feedback generates special links which you can share with your friends for markups. Copy a post feature allows you to duplicate your post’s content, title, tags/categories, without having to re-write entire post.
  • Customize – Theme collections for WordPress including free, premium, mobile-ready theme details and previews. There is also video tutorials and step-by-step pictures and instructions to guide you through adding widgets and customizing your menus. There are also advanced menu settings which show you how to further design your website or domain.                                                                                 WordPress Prices and Plans
  • Connect – Access to Publicize which is an awesome tool that automatically announces your blog posts/updates to your existing social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, and Tumblr. Blogs can be followed by tag searches and Reader.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress has affordable pricing for all budgets; prices range from $0-$25/per month. The Free plan is $0, Personal $4/per month, Premium $8/per month, and the Business $25/per month.

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My Final Opinion of WordPress

In my opinion, WordPress is an awesome option and best platform for websites and domains. I personally use WordPress for both of my domains and I wouldn’t use any other system for my services.

The flexibility that I have when designing my themes is unparalleled. If the theme that you choose does not come with all the features that you want, there is always a plugin available that you can update your domain with to take care of whatever you are trying to accomplish.

The best part is that no matter how many updates I have chosen to make, I have never had to spend any money on any of them.

Hands down WordPress is the best site builder available for use for your domain and I wouldn’t choose another source. I hope you have enjoyed my WordPress Review for 2018 If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to ask below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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6 thoughts to “WordPress Review for 2018”

  1. After reading this review I think it’s fair to say that WordPress is the king of platforms for website creation!

    I’ve used WordPress for almost a year now and honestly can’t find any real flaws with it. The good definitely outweighs the bad and there’s so much to learn with this platform.

    Are there any other platforms you’d recommend besides WordPress?

    1. Hello Stephen!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I absolutely love WordPress. It is so user-friendly, and I have found that if there is a feature that I want it is most likely in a plugin or another theme.

      I have changed my theme a few times. I love the fact that we have so many options to choose from with WordPress and don’t have to know a thing about coding.

      I do not have any other recommendations as I have not used any other platforms and don’t feel the need to.

      Wishing you the best of success in 2018. 

  2. Hey there Shwana,

    Thanks a lot for the WordPress review here. It has come in handy for me. I want to start a blog and many people have recommended I use this platform to build it.

    However, I really feel inclined to go with blogger because it is google’s. What is your recommendation on this? And what’s your view on blogger and it’s value?

    Would really love to get your feedback. Thanks.

    1. Hey Dave! You are very welcome for the WordPress review. In my opinion, WordPress is the best platform around for blogs, websites, and domains. Personally, I would not use anything else. 

      Just because blogger is hosted by Google does not mean it is superior. WordPress is the world’s leading CMS (Content Management System), it run over 30% of all websites in the world! Not to mention it is very easy to use and affordable. I definitely recommend using WordPress!

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please ask Dave. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hey there,

    I have been told by some marketing expert that almost all website owners have built their sites using WordPress. And based on the info here, I can see why it is really preferred by most folks.

    I am planning to build a website for fashion and this is the platform I am going to use. Thanks for the helpful info here.

    1. Hello Dave. Yes, WordPress is used by over 30% of all internet users in the WORLD so that is a really large number of individuals and corporations that trust WordPress. I only use WordPress for my domains, there are countless themes and plugins available and it is very easy to use.

      I do recommend using WordPress for your sites. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Best of luck to you!

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