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WPForms vs Gravity Forms: Which is Best for You?

WPForms vs Gravity Forms

Bloggers, website owners, entrepreneurs with online business all have a need for tools to increase website conversions, reduce abandonment rates, and build email lists. Adding a contact form to your website can help with all the above. I have put together a comparison, WPForms vs Gravity Forms.

The purpose of a contact form is to collect information such as the names and email addresses from your website visitors. Contact forms can also be used for:

  • customer feedback
  • product/service inquiry requests
  • general questions that your website visitors may have
  • polls
  • surveys

WP Forms vs Gravity Forms: Which is Best for You?

These are virtually countless reasons why you would use a contact form. There are many contact form builder platforms to choose from that can be used alongside WordPress, however, I will be doing a comparison between WPForms and Gravity Forms. It’s always nice to have more than one option.

Summary – WP Forms and Gravity Forms

WPForms is a plugin that is used to create contact forms with an intuitive visual editor and is very user-friendly, so it is easy to use for beginners. There is no need for any coding experience to use this plugin. You can choose to build your forms by using pre-built templates or the intuitive drag & drop builder and complete your tasks within minutes. With WPForms you also integrate your forms with email marketing software, web apps, invoicing software, and payment gateways like PayPal.

Gravity Forms is also a user-friendly contact form plugin that is easily used by beginners, there is no need for coding skills. This contact form platform has an intuitive visual editor that creates and customizes your contact forms to fit your business. Take note that users can only install Gravity Forms if you have a business plan and the Hello Dolly plugin is used.


Product Features

WPForms has powerful features that make it simple for you to build beautiful, intuitive forms for any purpose imaginable. You don’t need to be a techie or programmer to create your masterpiece. Check out the features at your disposal:

  • Drag n Drop Form Builder
  • Spam Protection
  • Form Templates
  • Forms are Mobile Friendly
  • Conditional Logic
  • Instant Notifications
  • Stripe Add-On
  • PayPal Add-On
  • Subscription and Marketing Forms

With WPForms you have an easy to use forms builder that you can customize to fit your business. The forms are responsive and built for speed, so you will not see any decrease in your website speed.

WPForms also gives you the flexibility to integrate email marketing platforms such as Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and GetResponse into your forms to help you grow your email lists.

You can also integrate custom CAPCHA’s, embed forms into your website, and access more leads from partially completed forms.

Gravity Forms also has an intuitive visual form editor that enables you to build your forms quickly and easily. Just like WPForms, there is no programming knowledge required. They also have a responsive design so your website speed will not be affected.

There are over 30 fields that you can select to customize your forms as well as the ability to tailor your forms to fit your visitor’s needs.

Gravity Forms does offer a free personalized demo option, so you can test drive their platform before purchasing. This feature is awesome and a huge bonus. Once you sign up for the demo you are redirected to the admin section of WordPress. Listed here are many of the forms available to you with the Gravity Forms subscription.

Gravity Forms WordPress Demo

WPForms – Gravity Forms Pricing

When it comes to your business, at some point you are going to have to invest money in it. However, when you are just starting out, you may not have much money to spare.

For your business to be successful there are going to be some expenses that you cannot avoid. Having tools that increase your engagement with your website visitors is crucial to your online business.

It’s great if you can get them for free, but this is not always the case. If you do end up having to spend, you are going to want to get the best price of course. So, let’s check out the differences between WPForms and Gravity Forms prices and see where they stack up.

WPForms Prices

Prices for WPForms are very reasonable and competitive. There is no monthly plan, only yearly. WPForms does not have a free trial, however, there is a 100% risk-free money back guarantee

There are four plans with prices ranging from $39.50/year – $299.50/year. All plans include unlimited forms, Spam protection, and Constant Contact email marketing software already integrated into the platform!

You can check out the pricing and list of features in the chart below.

WP Forms Prices


WP Forms CTA Button


Gravity Forms Prices

Gravity Forms has only three different plans with prices ranging from $59/year – $259/year. You can see that the Basic plan’s starting price is a bit higher than WPForms Basic plans.

Gravity Form’s 3 plans are; Basic License, Pro License, and the Elite License. All plans do include unlimited forms, conditional logic, and standard support.

They also provide you the opportunity to try out their service before you purchase by taking advantage of the demo option.

Gravity Forms Prices


WPForms vs Gravity Forms Support

Product and service support is extremely important just in case you have any problems, issues, or questions that need immediate answering.

When choosing a product or service you should pay close attention to the support that is offered. Believe me, there will be a time when you need it!

Technical issues will always pop up as well as questions that need answering. Having access to a great support platform is crucial.

WPForms Support

The support documentation provided on WPForms is extensive. You can submit a ticket for specific issues as well as the most popular topics for support issues. There are over 100 articles that walk you through how to perform tasks like; creating/installing forms, installing email/payment collection add-ons, customizing form field options, and many more.

Almost every imaginable support topic is covered including detailed step-by-step screenshots. There is also a language translation feature for your customers that speak and read a different language.

There is also a Contact Us Page where you can submit a more detailed account of your problem. WPForm’s Contact page also has links to their blog where there is more information about the platform and all its features.

Support for Customers

Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms does provide support for creating/installing forms and add-ons, managing your account, and general troubleshooting.  They also have an FAQ, language translations, and third-party add-on.

Keep in mind that there is no support or warranties for the third-party add-ons.

Gravity Forms does not provide support for customizations or any of the third party add-ons. There are support articles for configuring and embedding forms and how-to topics. Support at Gravity Forms does use screenshots; however, they are not as detailed as the ones used in WP Forms.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, both WPForms and Gravity Forms are both great contact form products that provide similar services. They both offer features that will help you gather and manage your customer’s information. They do both require that you have a WordPress website.

I found that WPForms was a better option because it is more user-friendly. Additionally, there are more plan options with a lower price point for those of us who do not have a large budget. The support offered by WPForms is perfect for those that are not that techie as it shows step-by-step screenshots so you know you are on the right track.

In my opinion, WPForms vs Gravity Forms, WPForms is my choice. Which is yours?

10 thoughts to “WPForms vs Gravity Forms: Which is Best for You?”

  1. Seeing this review, I’ll stick with the WP forms, basically because I don’t need something too sophisticated for my customers and I’m just going to be using the basic, won’t want to spend too much money on forms. I’m just starting to build my website, so I can’t afford to spend too much money on it before I begin to generate from the site. 

    1. Dhayours. I also prefer WPForms over Gravity Forms and one reason is definitely the lower price. It is very easy to use for those just starting out with their online business like yourself. I wish you all the best!

  2. I actually didn’t know there were plugins like these. This is definitely a great way to get information from a website’s audience when needed. It sounds like WPForms would be the better choice like you said. I’m just curious, you said that Gravity requires the Hello Dolly plugin as well. I’m not familiar with that plugin and you mentioned it alongside having a business plan. Is that a plugin that relates to having a business plan or is it something else entirely? Thanks for the suggestions on these types of plugins!

  3. Both of these programs sounds really good and you’re review and comparison of them both is well made. I don’t even think I need it yet but now I do want it. I liked the wpsforms as it seemed to give you more benefits. I liked how it had a built in translator. It probably would suit me better when the time comes as it does offer step by step guides. This is perfect for someone like me who is just starting out. 

    1. Alexandria,

      Im glad you liked the comparison article. Believe it or not, its never too early to start building your email list, that is what you would be using these contact forms, to collect your web visitor’s info,

      I also prefer WPForms, its easier for beginners to use. Translation does come in handy as we have website visitors from all over the world. Remember, WPForms also has a 100% money back guarantee, you can try it out and see if it works for you without the risk.

      Wishing you all the best!

  4. Thank you for this informative comparison.  I’m just starting to look into form creation and email collection.

    Does Gravity Forms integrate well with services such as Aweber or GetResponse like WPForms?

    I’m not sure if pay for solutions are right for me at this time in my site’s development.  I’d there a demo option to try WPForms out like Gravity Forms offers or do you know of a decent free option that I can use in the interim?

    Thanks again.  This is definitely something for me to look into further.

    1. You are very welcome for the article. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

      Gravity Forms does integrate Aweber and GetResponse. They are available add-ons for Gravity Forms. There are many more addons for both WPForms and Gravity Forms.

      Only you know your budget, however, building your email list is so important. I think you should not wait. If you would like to try a free option, Wufoo does have one. Let me know what you decide on and how it works for you. Best wishes!

  5. Both wpforms and gravity forms are recommendable, they both have nice features and render similar services but I would prefer the wpforms because it is user friendly and affordable also has a 100% risk free money back guarantee, I’m going to start with the basic plan because I’m new to affiliate marketing and maybe upgrade depending on service satisfaction.

    1. Hello Seun. Yes, both WPForms and Gravity Forms are both great products, however, I also prefer WPForms. I fear things like creating forms but WPForms truly makes it easy. It is also nice to have a 100% money back guarantee on the product just in case you find that it is not for you. I have to say the price is great for those that do not have a large budget.

      Let me know how everything goes for you when you build your forms. Best wishes!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us ¨WP Forms vs Gravity Forms: Which is Better For You?¨I notice in your conclusion, my final thoughts, that you prefer WP forms.  A difficult choice, as you pointed out. Let me draw some comparisons between the two. The user interface of WP forms is much better than Gravity Forms. It´s much easier to navigate, and there´s a natural flow to creating your  forms. You also get a set of handy form templates to get you up and running.Gravity forms have been around longer, and the user interface looks dated . However , it has considerably more third- party integration available than WP forms, and it´s more suited to developers who want more advanced customization optionMy feeling is that there´s no clear winner. Why?. The pricing structure is similar, even though Gravity´s starting basic plan is a bit higher  than WP´s , it compensates with its  lower Elite´s price. If you want to up your game from a simple contact, then WP forms is the best place to start. But if you want to get into the fine detail, then Gravity forms is better suited .

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